Link Dump

You know the drill, yet more links uncovered by my chain-smoking monkey research squad. Enjoy:
  • Entertainment Weekly, the genesis - Jeff Jarvis writes about the need for EW back in 1984: "Today, there is simply too much to choose from"... It could very well have been written last week, except that there'd be a whole lot of other things to choose from.
  • Process Stories - Joe Reid (of Extra Hot Great fame) has basically turned his tumblr into a place to recap West Wing episodes, and they are great. Excerpt from "Five Votes Down":
    Team Toby: The cold open sees Toby neurotically reacting to the President's speech. In a classic West Wing walk-n-talk, Toby harps on Bartlett for screwing up "the D section." He says the words "D section" literally nine thousand times (literally!), because Aaron Sorkin read that chapter about repetition in his screenwriting textbook a loooooot. The Bartlett/Toby banter is far more lighthearted than it will be in subsequent episodes, but it's nice to see that particular character runner to get started this early.
    It's great fun, and it kinda makes me want to watch The West Wing again...
  • The Funniest, Angriest Comments On The FCC's Proposed Net Neutrality Rule - The FCC seems shocked that people are up in arms about this, which is weird. "Hey everybody, we want to make the internet slower and/or more expensive." Thanks a lot FCC.
  • The 100 Most-Edited Wikipedia Articles - Perhaps unsurprisingly, politicians and religious topics are the most edited articles, with lots of pop culture sprinkled in for fun.
  • Perfidy Beyond the Gate of Water - I don't know what this is, but it's amazing:
    Grandmaster of the Swaying Snake style, Nixon had defeated many foes. He was known for his innovation on the tournament ground, for subtle feints and devastating flurries from unexpected directions. Though the Golden Child had defeated him in the last decade, Nixon remained resilient, eventually wresting control of his school from his rivals and rising to become President.

    Nothing stood in his way to challenge for the position of Sifu-Sai-Sifu, Master of Masters.

    Lord Buddha, though, is unequaled in sagacity. He had decreed that the title of Sifu-Sai-Sifu could only be held by one who had tasted the Fruit of Compassion, which grew in the Vineyards of the White Plains, beyond the Gate of Water. These grapes were said to hold the wisdom of Lord Buddha himself, and would bestow upon any who tasted them the wit and skill needed to rule as Sifu-Sai-Sifu.
    I don't even, um, what is this?
That's all for now. Hugo blogging resumes on Sunday with a look at the Short Story slate.