6WH: Link Dump: Other Halloween Movie Marathons

Apparently I'm not the only nutbar watching crazy horror movies and generally partaking in Halloween festivities. I know, right? These people are awesome, check them out:
  • Six Weeks of Halloween - The man, the myth, the legend - kernunrex invented the six weeks of Halloween because those 31 dayers are just slacking for any real horror fan. As per usual, lots of interesting stuff over there, and he posts almost every day (definitely putting my horror movie intake volume to shame).
  • Final Girl SHOCKtober 2013 - As per usual, the awesome Stacie Ponder is doing her thing. This year's list is based on reader submissions of "movies that scared you the most", as such, lots of idiosyncratic choices, especially in the early going (323 movies were submitted, and we're only a hundred movies in at this point - all with a single vote so far).
  • Film Thoughts Halloween 2013 - So this Bonehead (that's what he calls himself, for reals, though I think his name is Zack) is doing a pretty great job covering horror movies this season, and he also puts out a quasi-podcast on Youtube called Bangers n' Mash that is totally worth checking out (personally, I just use listentoyoutube.com to convert those videos to mp3s and listen to them like any other podcast)
  • NeedCoffee 32 Days of Halloween - Widge tries, and surpasses the pedestrian 31 day marathon, but only by one day. That's kinda like bidding $1 in Price is Right, right? Anyway, always interesting stuff going on over there.
  • Hey Look Behind You 31 Days of Halloween - So I've given short shrift to the "normal" 31 day marathons, but in reality, those people are still awesome. Like Nikki! Who somehow always manages to find new and interesting short films as well as covering general horror stuff. Plus, she does this year round, so maybe it should be the 365 days of Halloween or something.
There are tons of other blogs doing their own Halloween marathon, but I like these ones, so you should to. Special mention to Horror Movie a Day, which, after 6 years and 2500 reviews, has finally slowed down to a 1-2 post a week pace. So while he doesn't seem to be marathoning for the holiday this year, his site is still an invaluable resource of horror movie reviews. That's all for now. Still have no idea what I'm watching next weekend. Tune in on Sunday to find out!