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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Link Dump
I hope you're all having a good holiday weekend. Me, I'm filled up with smoked/barbecued goodness right now, so mental capacities have been rerouted to digestion services. As such, here are some links I found interesting of late...
  • A Thing You Probably Didn’t Notice: Riker Sits Down Like A Crazy Person - I cannot believe I never noticed this before.
  • Chandelier Turns a Room into a Forest - Or, as Dave Cole notes, "Hey parents, create misadjusted kids with this nightmare fuel chandelier."
  • Space Oddity - As sung by an actual astronaut in an actual space station. In other news, we haven't left low-earth orbit in quite some time. I wonder why!
  • Description of Bientôt l'été, attempt #6 - Who says video games can't be "insufferable" art? Yet another treat from my idontknowwhatthefuckisgoingoninthisvideo tag on delicious.
  • A Sincere Letter of Thanks to Roger Ebert - That previous video reminded me of this classic article from Kevin Beverage, Noted Games Journalist (who is a story in and of himself, but that's not a tale for this post) in which he comments on Roger Ebert's insistence that games can't be art:
    I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to you for recently stating in your column that videogames can never be art. Noting the content drought on many game enthusiast websites, you selflessly decided to peel the crusted top off of the cesspool that is the games-as-art debate, to present us gamers with the opportunity to wallow in our own intellectual feces for a solid week-and-a-half. And with bony fists raised in impotent rage and eyes fixed unflinchingly on our navels, we took up the call.
  • A T-shirt celebrates Philly's rudeness - Every now and again, I leave the Philly area and find that people are, like, outgoing and stuff. It's so weird.
    At the DMV, which can bring out the ornery in people and Philadelphians in particular, the San Francisco clerk inquired: "Why are you so angry?"

    To which Monteiro answered, "I'm not angry, I'm from Philly."

    And with that, a slogan, a T-shirt and, dare I add, a cosmic world view and fundamental genius understanding of human behavior were born.
  • How Did This New Limited "24" Series Come To Be? - Does anyone remember the most excellent, but now defunct Extra Hot Great podcast? Well the reason it went away was because they were founding a new website, called previously.tv (this is the same crew that created Television Without Pity way back when), which is great, though I guess I don't watch enough TV as they are covering lots of stuff I didn't know existed. Also, no podcast yet (hopefully soon!). Anywho, this article about the new season of 24 being based on The Da Vinci Code is hilarious.
Where am I?
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In our egalitarian future, toys for boys and toys for girls are interchangeable and men wearing skirts are no more notable than women wearing jeans, but the last inkling of gender roles comes from an Alaskan traversing the galaxy. A tradition among the Rikers, Commander William Riker insists men should sit like men and shows the universe how it's done.

Also, that chandelier is goddamn terrifying. Can you imagine flipping that on half asleep in the middle of the night? I'd completely lose it.

Ha, yeah, I saw that. I think they kept them throughout the series and I seem to remember a part when I was going through DS9 on Netflix where O'Brien (I think) complains about having to wear a skirt when he's not even senior staff.

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