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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weird Movie of the Week: Wrong
Last time on Weird Movie of the Week... well, it was a book, but it was weirdly awesome nonetheless. This week, we've got a movie I'm super excited about, director Quentin Dupieux's follow up to his wonderfully bizarre movie Rubber (a top 10 Kaedrin fave). It's called Wrong, and it's about a man trying to find his lost dog. I guess that sounds a little boring, but check out this bonkers trailer:
It's a superb trailer, so very energetic, and that song is perfect. Sometimes the Weird Movie of the Week is a movie that, while weird enough to be interesting, doesn't really look so good and I don't really want to watch it that much. But I cannot wait to see this movie. I suppose I'm going to have to. Poop.
Where am I?
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