Again Link Dump

It hasn't been a while since I've done one of these (in fact, I just did one a few days ago), but I'm doing another one anyway. Because I feel like it and you're going to like it, that's why.
  • An Open Letter to Chris Dodd - Eric S. Raymond lays down why SOPA/PIPA/ACTA annoys the "technologists" in a concise and well articulated fashion.
    I can best introduce you to our concerns by quoting another of our philosopher/elders, John Gilmore. He said: "The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."

    To understand that, you have to grasp that "the Internet" isn’t just a network of wires and switches, it’s also a sort of reactive social organism composed of the people who keep those wires humming and those switches clicking. John Gilmore is one of them. I’m another. And there are some things we will not stand having done to our network.
    I'm not sure I 100% agree with everything he says and I'm virtually certain that Chris Dodd won't read this (or understand it if he does), but I do think it's well written and insightful.
  • Loss by Elisha Cooper - Notably because she (apparently Elisha is a guy - my bad!) coins a new German word and it's fucking brilliant:
    Schtolenfünken is the German word that describes the feeling of letdown and disappointment that occurs when people we think are good (cyclists) do bad things (steal my wheel), and yes, I made the word up.
    Heh. (via Steven)
  • Pronunciation Manual - So there's this thing on YouTube where people post these videos that explain how to pronounce certain words or names, like famous German mathematician, Hilbert (That's for you Mike, if you're reading this). Then there's Pronunciation Manual, which does the same thing in the same format, but is completely wrong and completely hilarious. I have spent at least an hour listening and relistening to the videos on this channel, and it was glorious. Some favorites: Chipotle (this one now pops into my head all the time, for no reason), Haute Couture, Zach Galifianakis, Schadenfreude (we should get that guy to try and pronounce "Schtolenfünken"), Tag Heuer (which I wouldn't mind actually knowing the pronunciation of... and yes, that's also available.) and Bruschetta. Unfortunately, there are multiple folks contributing to the channel, and some are much more creative and funny than others. For example, this entry on Thesaurus strikes me as dumb and uncreative, and Panties is pronounced correctly, even if the guy saying it is being incredibly creepy. Actually, I'm pretty sure that most of my favorites are the same guy... Anyway, there's also Renunciation Book, which has the skinny on how to pronounce McDonald's Glyph.
  • And the Angely said unto thee - Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself...
  • Shopping For Idiots - Two guys go shopping for non-existent items and have to explain these ridiculous items to people who work at the store. For the most part, the people who work at the various stores are unflappable. Some example items: fancy boy lip glitter, ankle grease, disposable slacks, non-alcoholic whisky, Mormon disco ball, and, of course, a toddler sized shark cage.
  • Reset Button: Megatextures - Shamus continues his sporadic video series explaining minutia of video game technology, and it's, as always, a really interesting take on something that could be really dry and boring.
That is all for now. You are excused.