6WH: Link Dump: Other Halloween Movie Marathons

As you might expect, I'm not the only one drinking fiendish pumpkin beers and watching all sorts of horror films in preparation for Halloween. Here are a few blogs I follow that have been playing along with the season:
  • Six Weeks of Halloween - I would be remiss if I didn't call out kernunrex first, as he's the whole inspiration behind my own 6 week marathon. As usual, he's putting me to shame with the sheer quantity of his movie watching and reviews. Definitely a must read during the season.
  • Final Girl's Shocktober 2011 - Stacie's been listing a couple of her readers' favorite characters each day, often (but not alwasy) with some sort of connection between the two featured characters. Fun stuff, as always.
  • Need Coffee - Widge and the gang are hamming it up, as usual, for their 32 days of Halloween. They seem to be featuring a lot of audio features in addition to the typical movie reviews and funny shorts/trailers that typically punctuate October horror marathons. Always worth following.
  • Horror Movie a Day - In reality, October is just the month in which a bunch of bloggers aspire to become a pale imitation of Brian Collins, who watches and reviews a horror movie every single day, all year round, and has been doing so for over 4 years. I'm in awe of his dedication.
  • Hey Look Behind You - Nikki has been doing her thing this month as well, including her usual focus on horror shorts.
  • I'm leaving out hundreds of blogs here, but lucky for me, Countdown to Halloween has a pretty large list of other blogs doing the month of horror thing, so if you're still itching for more horror, check it out.
And I think that just about does it for now. Stay tuned for some more horror goodness on Sunday. Not sure if it will be haunted houses or another slasher calendar, but it's going to be awesome either way.