Link Dump

As usual, a few links to interesting stuff:
  • Build Your Own Chopper - Step by step guide.
  • How To Use the Bat Signal - Or, more accurately, how not to use the bat signal.
  • Gymkhana - No, not the 80s action movie about a gymnast saving the world from the Parmistan threat (that was Gymkata, not Gymkhana), this video is all about crazy driving skills. Would probably make a fun video game...
  • How to Piss In Public - Handy guide.
  • This Year - A great idea for a blog. This is basically a guide to older podcasts, calling out the highlights and funny moments or insightful commentary for each year of the podcast. Right now, they're working on the old 1up Yours podcasts, as well as Adam Carolla's podcast and a few others. It seems to be a relatively new thing, but if they keep it up, it could be a great resource.
That's all for now...