Another Store You Made

I'm totally stealing an idea from Jason Kottke here (let's call it a meme!), but it's kinda neat:
Whenever I link to something at Amazon on, there's an affiliate code associated with the link. When I log into my account, I can access a listing of what people bought1. The interesting bit is that everything someone buys after clicking through to Amazon counts and is listed, even items I didn't link to directly. These purchased-but-unlinked-to items form a sort of store created by readers of their own accord.
I have about 1/1000000th the readership of Kottke, but I do have an Amazon affiliate account (it doesn't even come close to helping pay for the site, but it does feed my book/movie/music/video game addictions). Of course, I don't sell nearly as much stuff either, but here are a few things sold that haven't been directly linked: And that about covers the unexpected stuff. I do get lots of Asimov orders as well as Christmas movie orders, but those are popular sections of the site...