Blogroll Updates

Since I'm writing about weblogs a lot lately, I figured I'd take some time out to update my blogroll. As I've mentioned before, a blog usually makes it to my blogroll only because I like to read that blog. Once there, it tends to stay there, but I may eventually remove it, if only to make room for other blogs (and in some cases, bloggers have stopped posting, making the decision to de-link easy). I don't like to remove links, but I will because I think it is important to keep the list relatively short (due to things like Inverse Network Effect). However, most of the blogs I have ever linked to are archived on my general links page (which needs some updating, actually). Anyway, here are the additions to the list:
  • A Voyage to Arcturus: An excellent science and astronomy (among other things) themed blog by Jay Manifold (who is also a contributer to Chicago Boyz).
  • Mauled Again: One wouldn't think in-depth discussions of tax law would be that interesting, but James Edward Maule manages to do so about as well as one could expect. I honestly don't remember how I found this one, but I'm glad I did.
  • The Politburo Diktat: I'm a sucker for communist themed pseudo-satire, and the Commisar fits the bill (for example, his Show Trials are hilarious)
  • Funmurphys: An interesting little blog. Mr Murphy has been kind enough to link to me on several occasions, and he does good work, so I figured it was time to reciprocate.
There you have it.