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Thursday, August 29, 2002

Saturn Ascends
James Grimmelmann has revitalized the Laboratorium. He started blogging again, and since I mostly missed out on it last time, that makes me happy because its a pleasure to read his stuff. For the past year or so, he's been experimenting with various forms of writing and new web tools (that dam twiki-web thing that doesn't seem to work all that well) but has largely neglected the site with updates coming only spuratically. It looks as if he's going to stick to it this time, though (which is more than I could say for myself!) Do yourself a favour and check him out.

The "return of saturn," is a popular theme derived from astrology and is often used in literature (among other art, such as music) as a symbol for a period of change in a person's life. Metaphorically speaking, you could say that James' Saturn is returning. I'm not sure how old he is, but this may even be true in the asrological sense, not that it would really matter. In any case, I was thinking about that idea when I came across James' revision, so that's why I named the post "Saturn Ascends". And you know how much I love cataloging lifes little footnotes...
Where am I?
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