12:15, Press Return

Insert Clint Mansell techno music here
Techno-Thriller, by Ian Frazier : An interesting little parody of computers in movies. I always found it funny that every computer in a movie has its very own unique graphical interface and hardware that is able to process even the most complex calculations in about 3 seconds - complete with comprehensive pie charts and bar graphs. An excerpt:
KEYS: Click-click-click. Click ... click ...

Shot of the fingers moving over the keyboard. Extreme close-up of right index finger moving slowly, slowly, to the Enter key. It pauses above the Enter key for several seconds. Then it hits the key.

Burst of loud, suspenseful music. Sudden close-up shot of computer screen. Flashing, in greenish computer type on the screen, the words ILLEGAL OPERATION ILLEGAL OPERATION ILLEGAL OPERATION
My favourite part of the screenplay is one scene towards the end: "Scene 55: Shot of Harrison Ford and Julia Roberts embracing." There are only two lines of dialogue in the screenplay. Brilliant. [via Ned Blog]