Hate Letters of the Week : Samples of the type of "hate mail" sent in to Disney and Miramax concerning Kevin Smith's film, Dogma. I found it to be somewhat disturbing reading, especially considering that most of the letters were sent before the film even began production (not to mention that many of the letters are shockingly ignorant). One would think that seeing the movie would be necessary in order to deride it. In an effort to better understand these folks, Kevin Smith decided to hang out with them at a protest outside a local movie theater where the film was showing. Interesting and funny stuff.

I bought the Dogma Special Edition DVD last night, and it is quite the treat. Come to think of it, all of Kevin Smith's DVDs are well done and exceedingly enjoyable. Highlights include two feature length commentaries (a technical one in addition to the standard cast and crew funfest where Smith and Affleck crack jokes at each other's expense) and over 100 minutes of deleted scenes, each of which are introduced by Kevin Smith and other various members of the View Askew team.