Web advertising that doesn't suck?

pyRads� is a service for purchasing, managing, and serving micro advertising on web sites. Micro advertising is different than most banners and other forms of advertising you see on the web in that: 1) It's low-cost, easy, and often highly effective for advertisers. 2) It's unobtrusive, interesting, and even useful for the audience. This is an interesting little project from Pyra (makers of Blogger) and I can see it being very, very popular. Right now, the only advertising space you can buy is on Blogger, but that is a really attractive place to advertise - plus, I'm sure ev is hard at work getting other websites in the loop... It should be interesting to see how this turns out, as this form of advertising is emminently more effective and less obtrusive than all the others. Hell, at $10.00 a pop, I'm tempted to run a "Rad," just to see how well this really works.

In other blogging news (well I guess this is kind of old, but still noteworthy), Dack is back, featuring links on "The Dumb War". I don't really like this very much, though; I still miss the old Dack.com.

"It just keeps looping, Adrian! You call this music?!" - This is the funniest thing I've read in a while. Thanks DyRE!