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The Fantabulous Adventures of Mark and Bill

  Mark wrote the following on August 15, 2003 09:34 PM

Previously, on The Fantabulous Adventures of Mark and Bill: Mark and Bill, having been accosted by murderous cows and monkeys in another level of hell, took refuge in a barn where they found equipment to repair the TARDIS (i.e. they found a laptop loaded with Linux) and were able to pilot the TARDIS out of hell! We now join Mark and Bill, just outside an ice cream shop:

Part 4: Dairy Land

Mark and Bill strolled into the ice cream parlor, expecting the worst...

"Ohh, Ice Cream, excellent! I'll take a small waffle cone, with vanilla ice cream and some jimmies." Bill said, stepping over spilled waffle cone batter.

"Yes!" Exclaimed Mark, "We finally made it out of hell!"

"Did you say 'Jimmies'? Everyone knows they're called 'sprinkles'!!" said Truman indignantly.

Steve Jobs nodded in agreement, "Yes, very right Truman. Who the devil are you two? How dare you interrupt my plan?"

Bill turned around, and his smile vanished as he eyed Jobs wearily, "I think you spoke too soon, Mark, my friend..."

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