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Primary Action Item

  Hilbert wrote the following on September 07, 2000 09:01 PM

Todd's morning started off ordinarily enough. He woke up, showered with the wife, grabbed a quick cup of coffee, cursed the world for having to get up so early, then headed off to work. He got there early and made his way to his cube and started in on his work. The one good thing about getting there early was that the office was nearly empty and he could get a lot of work done fast because no one interrupted him. This morning, however, Todd noticed that his boss, Henry Montegue, looked like he had spent the night in his office. Henry looked terrible; his clothes were ruffled, his hair greasy and disheveled, and he had a two day beard growing. Todd was making good progress when Henry approached his cube. "Morning Todd", he said, "I got something for you." He was holding an ordinary manilla envelope, the kind everyone in the office used. "Sure thing boss. I'll put it in the queue." Todd said cheerfully. Henry grinned wearily, then added, "I'm afraid that's not going to be good enough, Todd. I need you to focus on this right away." Todd was beginning to worry. He asked, "So you want me to de-prioritize my current project and make this my Primary Action Item?" Henry looked relieved, "Thank you, Todd. Here you go", and he handed Todd the envelope. Todd foolishly opened the folder, wondering what was so urgent...

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