The lumbering monstrocity that is Ghost Town began at approximately 5:19 PM on September 8 in the year of our Lord, 1999. Loosely based on the Phantasm films and the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, the story follows the weary traveler Gregor's exploits. It suffered a simultaneous posting, forcing the story into two different tales of adventure, which later converged back into a single story. It was a monumental and epic narrative that took many unexpected twists and turns (and left its share of loose ends) that ended up being quite entertaining. Thanks, of course, to you!

Contributer Statistics Story Statistics
Total Posts: 50
Number of Unique Contributers: 13
Most Frequent Contributers: Samæl (12 posts) and knockoutoption (10 Posts)
Story Length: Approximately 13,000 words (about 24 pages)
Protagonists: Gregor, Angus, DyRE, Spence, Oscar, Gregor/Oscar
Antagonists: The Riders, Marduk, Cthulhu, the Meeps
Guest Stars: David Hasselhoff
Daisy Chains: 2
Inflatable Equipment: 1
Dead End Sub-Plots: Approximately 5
Did you Notice
  • The many references to the Phantasm films, the Dark Tower series of novels, and the Cthulhu Mythos?
    • The character Angus refers to the actor Angus Scrimm, who plays the malevolent Tall Man in the Phantasm movies.
    • The main character, Gregor, bears much resemblance to the Gunslinger in the Dark Tower series. Also, Ghost Town's very structure (stories diverging, then converging towards the end) is eerily remeniscent of the Dark Tower series.
    • Ghost Town also referenced H.P. Lovecraft's infamous Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Other various influences and references: Fight Club and Lord of the Rings.
  • Technically, this story is closing into the Phone Calls tandem story.
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Current Results
  • This was the second Tandem Story that was offered here at Kaedrin.
  • It took approximately 11 months to complete, considerably longer than The Rebel Fire Alarms.

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