Changes and Upgrades

For the past two weeks, I’ve been working to upgrade my blogs to WordPress. Yeah, I know, I probably should have done this a decade ago (i.e. before I even started the beer blog), but we’re finally here now, so enjoy the new blog.

There’s still plenty left to do, but it’s basically the same stuff, only more modern and, like, functional. As of now, it’s a lot easier to comment, for example (so far the spam countermeasures are working, but that might not hold). There’s probably some things in the archives that’ll look weird and I’m still tweaking some stuff, but so far, so good. Stay tuned, moar beer nerditry coming soon…

Update: I’ve discovered a couple issues of note:

  • The category archives for the Grades have been smushed together by letter grade. For example, now A-, A, and A+ all show up under the A category. This is just a data issue, but the prospect of updating a thousand posts with the appropriately granular grades is… not appealing.
  • Some links, particularly category links that were embedded in a particular post, are not redirecting properly. You end up back on the old blog. It’s still functional, but the experience is weird and the old site is obviously not going to stay updated. These will be a little easier to update, but again, it’s a manual effort, so I’m sure to miss some (especially on older posts).

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