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In a moment of weakness (or strength, depending on your point of view), I finally broke down and ordered some Cantillon (amongst other rarities) direct from the source. I’d heard some good things about Belgium In A Box, and I’m happy to report that they’re everything they’re cracked up to be. As you might expect, shipping from Europe is an expensive proposition, but near as I can tell, Belgium in a Box is very fair about that sort of thing, and the packaging was great. Plus, I got an added bonus:

Cantillon Glassware

Yep, after unpackaging some great beer (and doing the requisite Gollum-like pose while chanting “My precious” for some), I noticed an extra little box, and inside was a very nice Cantillon Gueuze glass, free of charge. This was very generous of the proprietor, Kurt, so I was very grateful (and apparently I’m not alone in singing his praises). All of which is to say, expect things to get Loony (also ghostly and, uh, 3 Fonteineny) in the coming weeks as I work through this box.

4 thoughts on “Belgium In A Box”

  1. Very jealous. This really is the easiest way to get lambics and such. It’s sad that even after shipping it’s sometimes cheaper than buying it in the store though.

  2. Yeah, the only places I’ve seen bottles for sale have been at restaurants, and they’re for ridiculous prices ($50-$60). Granted, they were vintage bottles, and their expense is probably the only reason they were available, but still. For some of the more “normal” bottles (i.e. 3F Oude Gueuze or Cantillon Kriek), it would probably be cheaper local if you can find it, but for something special (like the St. Lamvinus pictured above) or one-off, then it seems to work out. You just need to order a lot of bottles at one time to reduce the per bottle shipping cost…

    I’m excited to try these out though. It’s going to be a good Spring/Summer!

  3. That I am Jay! That I am. 3F Oude Gueuze is up first on the chopping block, will hopefully be popping the cork on that sucker in less than 24 hours…


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