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Back in the day, that list of blogs you put on the side-navigation of your own blog was called a blogroll. Since those halcyon days of bloggery, many such fanciful terms have fallen by the wayside in favor of a more prosaic approach. Plus, there’s lots of other ways to stumble upon new and exciting blogs (or beers, for that matter), what with Twitter and Facebook and all manner of social networking. On the other hand, in that torrent of bite-sized information, one struggles to keep their head above water and much gets lost in the fray. One of the things I like about blogs is that there’s a little more longevity to the things that are posted, and even if you wait a few days or a month or whatever, there’s still probably a pretty easy way to find what you’re looking for (I double-dog dare you to try and find something you remember seeing on twitter a month ago – not a simple task). None of that will come as a shock to anyone who’s ever looked at my category structure over there on the right, but in any case, here are some blog posts worth reading:

  • Imperial Stout Night: The Reckoning – Jay and a couple of his buddies bit the bullet, downed three bombers of face-melting imperial stout goodness, and survived to tell the tale. This was one serious night: Victory Dark Intrigue, Fifty Fifty Barrel Aged Eclipse, and Big Black Voodoo Daddy. I’m happy to have contributed two of those beers for this reckoning via that bi-coastal trade I keep talking about. Anywho, if you’re not reading Beer Samizdat, get yourself over there. One of the best beer blogs in existence, and Jay’s been posting like crazy lately.
  • Beer Round Up – The Beer Rover and I seem to be on the same wavelength of late, as a lot of his recently drank beers will show up on my blog in the next week or so, including two of these beers: Ommegang’s Biere D’Hougoumont (on tap here at Kaedrin HQ for this weekend), Arrogant Bastard on cask (I should be so lucky), and Stone’s version of Saison Du BUFF (which I just had a few days ago and will probably be posting about next week).He also managed to get his hand on Russian River’s sublime Row 2/Hill 56 (which we’re pretty big fans of too, you know).
  • The Bruery Fruet – Warning. Contains Alcohol. – Scott over at Beerbecue recently cracked open this barrel-aged monster. He doesn’t mention it, but I suspect he experienced a Highlander-style quickening as he finished the bottle. In all seriousness, Beerbecue is a great blog, always worth reading. Another recent highlight: Death, Taxes, and Schlafly’s Pumpkin Ale.
  • Dark Horse Monster29, Two Liters Of 20% Abv Double Barleywine To The Dome Piece – Did I say Jay and Scott were drinking monster face-melters? Well they were, but dontdrinkbeer takes the cake by downing two liters of 20% ABV barleywine and then posting a recap from beyond the grave (in his trademark hilarious style).
  • Crafting a Better Beer Story (see what I did there?) – The Dogs of Beer is a new addition to the blogroll, but a worthy one, as this amusing post attests. Apparently we share a mutual friend, so I think it’s probably only a matter of time before we down a few beers together and realize that we both have blogs and devise a plan to rule the worl… I’ve said to much, haven’t I?
  • The Aleheads Podcast: Greg Koch, Stone Brewing – The Aleheads are always worth reading, or in this case, listening to. Their podcast has slowed a bit, but they often feature lengthy interviews with big names (and even not-so-big names) in the brewing industry… I haven’t listened to this one yet, but I’m downloading now and will probably give it a listen tonight.

Well, I think that’s enough for now, as I think I’m going to need to embark on a short beer hunt for some barrel-aged Stillwater beers that I’ve heard are starting to filter out into bottleshops lately.

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