The Session #60: Growlers Galore

session_logo.jpgOn the first Friday of every month, there’s a beer blog roundup called The Session. Someone picks a topic, and everyone blogs about it. This month, Kendall from the Washington Beer Blog wants to talk about growlers:

Tell us about your growler collection. Tell us why you love growlers or why you hate them. What is the most ridiculous growler you’ve ever seen? Tell us about your local growler filling station. Ever suffer a messy growler mishap? Anything related to growlers is acceptable.

I have to admit that I’m not a big growler guy. They have their uses and I’ve certainly availed myself of the growler’s services, but it’s an elusive creature – not something I frequently use. I don’t really have any crazy objections to it, nor do I have a strong opinion about tap versus bottle (I like some beers better on tap, and others from the bottle). To me, they’re just another tool in the beer nerd’s arsenal.

But I can still point you towards something interesting and growler related for this Session. So I’d like to introduce you to the growler-filler at Victory Brewing Company:

I mentioned this thing before in a previous post about a growler of Victory’s Ranch S IPA, but damn, isn’t that thing badass? When I go to Victory, I love watching it in action. Their fancy growlers themselves are pretty cool looking too, and the way they pressurize with CO2 seems to keep it fresh longer (at least, until you pour your first!)

Alas, I don’t find myself taking advantage of it all that often. Oh well, there are worse things in the world. Like, perhaps, the fact that I have way too much great beer sitting, undrunk, in my cellar. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I should probably go drink some of that stuff…

2 thoughts on “The Session #60: Growlers Galore”

  1. Thanks! I just reorganized my past posts/categories, and I would like to say my inspiration came from your organizational structure; but I think it would be more accurate to say that I wholesale ripped-off yours. Although, your list is much more substantial! So thanks twice.

  2. Yeah, and I pretty much stole my category structure from The Vice Blog (though mine actually has levels!) I do need to figure out a way to do pagination on my category archives. I’m pretty sure that’s why I have so much trouble with 504 timeout errors!

    Anywho, I really enjoyed your growler post and I’m very thankful that my victory growler came potty trained. Heh.


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