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Miscellaneous Novels

The End of Eternity: One of the best examples of why I love Asimov so much. This book is a great time travel story told with so many twists and turns that I was reduced to a silly state of disoriented goo. I would recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about reading Asimov, but doesn't know where to start. Its a great, short (150 pages or so) read that exemplifies Asimov's exciting style. Though it is referenced briefly in Foundation's Edge, this book is not considered part of any series.

The Gods, Themselves: An ambitious tale told with a bold three part story. Each part is told separately and from different points of view which can make for challenging reading (especially in bizarre psychosomatic themes of the second part) but it somehow manages to pull together in the end. Another great novel for those who are looking for something different.

Nemesis: This novel tells of the story of the first hyperspace travel. A good read, but I don't believe it to be at the top of Asimov's work. Again, this book is referenced later in the Foundation series, but it is still and independant work.

Magic: A collection of fantasy-based stories and articles written by Asimov. The majority of the stories are based on Asimov's Azazel character, who has the ironic ability to ruin peoples lives by giving them what they want. These are interesting stories, but they are a bit repetitive and get boring after a while. There is also a story concerning the "real" Batman, which is quite good. A decent collection of stories, but nothing to write home about.

Gold: Another collection of Asimov's science fiction stories and articles. This one is better done and more diverse than Magic, with some really great stories and articles. There is a story called "The Instability" which is not much more than one page long, yet it is more thought provoking and dense than you're typical 500 pg novel. I'm not usually a fan of short story compilations like this, but this book kept me entertained and wanting more.

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