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The Empire Series
The least important of the three series, the Empire novels are enjoyable stories that take place before or during the establishment of the Galactic Empire. These three novels are mostly stand-alone (they can be read without any need to read more books in the following or preceding series). Sadly they are also out of print.

The Current of Space: Decent sci fi novel, but not Asimov's best work. Remeniscent of the film Total Recall. Lots of memory implants and mind probes keep the story twisting and turning nicely. A good read, but nothing special.

The Stars, Like Dust: My favorite of the Empire novels. Its a little confusing in the beginning, but it quickly turns into a real page turner with a fantastic ending (another one of those 'damn I should have seen that coming' endings).

Pebble in the Sky: The most important of the Empire novels is a story about a present day man who, by a poorly explained freak accident, is transported a few thousand years into the future. Some interesting stuff here and the Foundation Novels had me thinking back to here several times (even though there are no direct references).

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