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The Foundation Series
The original Foundation Trilogy (the middle 3 books) was given a special Hugo award as Best All-Time Science Fiction Series. The Foundation novels deal mainly with Hari Seldon's invention of psychohistory, a remarkable theory of prediction, and the subsequent crises that arise. Again, these novels can be read independantly of the other series, but I really recommend reading the Robot series before Foundation.

Prelude to Foundation: The first novel (though written after the following novels) deals with Hari Seldon and the birth of psychohistory. This is my possibly my favorite of the Foundation novels. Another fantastic page turner with an ending that left me breathless. Theres lots of references to Robots so please, for the love of God, read Robots before you read this novel.

Forward the Foundation: Continues the story of Hari Seldon and the creation of the Foundation. An entertaining read, but not as spectacular as Prelude.

Foundation: The first in the original trilogy, it is actually a collection of 4 short stories originally written between 1942 and 1944, with an introductory section from 1949. Very well written and intelligent stories.

Foundation and Empire: The second in the original trilogy, it is made up of 2 stories originally published in 1945. A freakish mule reaks havoc on the Foundation's ways. This one gets a bit slow but it has a great ending. The Second Foundation has a lot of explaining to do.

Second Foundation: This one picks up where Foundation and Empire left off and is quite an easy read. Very entertaining crises crop up here.

Foundation's Edge: The fifth foundation novel moves ahead and begins to question the efficiency of the Foundation. This book takes you on a nice ride and sets up the next book well...

Foundation and Earth: The last Foundation novel! Our heros continue their journey by seeking out the legendary birthplace of humanity, Earth! They stop at a few of those sneaky Spacer worlds along the way too. Adventure ensues. Oh, and the ending to this novel, and to the whole bloody series, is so freakin amazing that I think my brain "crashed". The last sentence alone was enough to make me wet myself. *shudders* Make sure you read the entire series so that you get the full effect!

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