Comments Are Working Now!

At least, I think they are, hence this test post which you can safely ignore.

Ignore Me!

I’ve confirmed that the two most popular login types are working, so Google OpenID and WordPress users are free to fire away in the comments. It looks like the new version of Google ID (now that I’ve got it working) actually shows a relevant name and even links to Google+ (formerly, you got a username at best, and a weird string of characters at worst). Go forth, ye readers, and comment. Also, why are you reading this? I said to ignore this post. IGNORE ME!

3 thoughts on “Comments Are Working Now!”

  1. And Movable Type is working. I know that Yahoo works from commenters on my other blog. I… don’t think I’m going to try Livejournal or AIM, but I think it’s funny that they’re an option so I’ll leave it.


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