Gone Fishin’

Or rather, gone movie watchin’. I’ll be heading to Austin, TX for Fantastic Fest, so expect posting to be light for the next week or so. Fantastic Fest is a genre film festival (lots of horror, SF, action, and just plain weird stuff) and it’s held at an Alamo Drafthouse. I’ve never been to one, but damn, a movie theater with good beer available? Near as I can tell, they’ve got lots of local Texas beers available – stuff from Live Oak, Independence (including a series of beers called the Brewluminati), (512), Jester King, Thirsty Planet, and presumably lots of others. And that’s just at the theater. So there will be some beer bloggery resulting from this, maybe even while I’m there.

fantastic fest

If anyone’s got any Texas beer recommendations, leave a comment. I’ll try and find some (and maybe even smuggle some home). See you soon.

Update: Had some trouble with the commenting system, but everything should be working now!

Again Update: Just FYI, I’ve been keeping track of my beer dorkery on untappd. Will try to get a recap up on the blog towards the end of the week! So far, so good!

2 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’”

  1. I liked Real Ale Brewing’s Fireman’s #4. The BA reviews are less than promising but I remember thinking it had a lot of flavor and never would have considered it a blonde.

    I thought Live Oak’s Big Bark Amber was too hoppy but you’d probably like it.

    Saint Arnold (of Houston) had some good beers IIRC. The Independence “bootlegger” brown was solid too.

    Lastly, though not a Texas brewery, anytime I visit New Belgium territory I keep an eye out for anything they have to offer.

  2. Thanks! I’ll definitely be trying at least a few of those, as they seem to be available at the Alamo and/or Highball. Saint Arnold is one brewery I haven’t see yet, but then, I’ve only been here for a day at this point! I’ll keep my eyes out for them…

    I had a Live Oak Oaktoberfest and a New Belgium Hoptober yesterday, both of which were pretty good. Independence has a Braggot that’s at the Alamo, which is funny because I just had one recently and had never heard of it but now I’m seeing it all over!


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