The Beer Cellar

As I mentioned yesterday, sometimes my eyes are bigger than my liver. I tend to buy more beer than I drink, so my cellar has been growing of late, and I’ve even started intentionally buying beers to age. In yesterday’s post, I covered what kinds of beers are good for aging. Today, I’m going to list out the beers I’m currently excited to crack open… in a few years. Also some beers I wasn’t intentionally aging, but which will probably have an extra year or so on the bottle before I actually get to it.

Not to mention 3-4 cases of homebrew and a bunch of other beer that’s probably not suitable for aging. I didn’t think I had this much beer sitting around. Yes, I need to get drinking. Hopefully a lot of the above won’t be aged too long, if you know what I mean… I’d say only a handful of the above will really make it long term.

2 thoughts on “The Beer Cellar”

  1. Nah, I just buy too much beer. And I can’t resist fancy packaging or oak aging. I’ll hopefully be able to narrow the list down in the near future!


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