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The Perfect Storm
by Sebastian Junger

Overall: 8
Readability: 6
Intelligence: 8

Meteorologists called the storm that hit North America's eastern seaboard in October 1991 a "perfect storm" because of the rare combination of factors that created it. This book examines not only the horror of this "perfect" storm (and all those caught in it), but also the horror that is a fisherman's life (it is an eye opening experience). Junger focuses this account on a six-man sword-fishing vessel, the Andrea Gail, though there are accounts of other boats as well. Working from published material, radio dialogues, eyewitness accounts, and the experiences of people who have survived similar events, Junger attempts to re-create the last moments of the Andrea Gail as well as the perilous high-seas rescues of other victims of the storm. Unfortunately, Junger's eagerness to impart all that he has learned sometimes makes for slow reading (though not often!) as he goes into excruciating detail. However, the book does an excellent job of stressing just how hopeless the situation was, especially in the brilliantly portrayed rescues of stormbound seamen in which even the rescuers had to be rescued (?!). An entertaining read and humbling experience.

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