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Snow Crash
by Neal Stephenson

Overall: 8
Readability: 9
Intelligence: 8

Meet Hiro Protagonist, pizza delivery boy for the Mafia, samurai swordsman, and hacker extraordinair. Hiro lives in a civilization on the brink of collapse with the United States broken down into a bunch of corporate controlled city states with their own laws. In this world, the internet has grown into a fully integrated, virtual reality universe called the Metaverse, which is where Hiro holds most of his power. So he runs into a new designer drug/computer virus called Snow Crash that kills his best friend. What do you think he's going to do when he's got a name like Hiro Protagonist? What follows is a romp through this postmodern world in traditional Gibsonian style. Stephenson throws the reader from one scene to another, mixing everything from fast paced action scenes to Sumerian Myth. The book never loses its satirical edge, and is an extremely fun read.

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