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by Dean Koontz

Overall: 9
Readability: 10
Intelligence: 8

Beyond all the action, all the suspense and all the other Koontz mainstays lays a story about destiny. A struggle against destiny and destiny's struggle to reassert itself. Truly one of Koontz's best works, I would recommend this book to the lazy reader and experienced reader alike.

For several reasons, this book has placed itself far beyond most in the genre. First, Koontz's ability to create complex and convincing characters elevates the story to a higher level, making the book surprisingly dense, especially for a novel that is relatively short (355 pages in my copy). Also, Koontz allows himself more of a humorous touch than in most of his other work, delivering a little comic relief in an otherwise relentless suspense story. And while the story may be suspenseful, it is certainly not in the traditional sense. They story takes place over about thirty years, following the lead character, Laura Shane, from birth to adulthood.

Dean Koontz is always a masterful storyteller and this novel is no exception. As usual the technical aspects of his writing are incredible to say the least. Koontz dives a bit into the science fiction genre (he is better known for horror) and he pulls it off in spectacular style. There are numerous surprises and plot twists and I would not dare to give any more of the plot away than I already have, for that would be criminal. People that have read Koontz before may recognize some of the typical Koontz devices, but this book is definitely a must read for fan and non-fan alike.

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Page 328 - "Destiny struggles to reassert the pattern that was meant to be."

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