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by Clive Barker

Overall: 10
Readability: 8
Intelligence: 9

I've never been very impressed by Clive Barker's gore and sex approach to horror, but I must admit that this book is phenomenal. Imajica is an ambitious and imaginative work that somehow manages to stay cohesive (unlike some of Barker's other work). It is a tale of ill-fated lovers whose long journey is about to come to an end. Barker has created a mythology of epic proportions, no less poignant than any I have ever read. The story is so diverse and compelling that describing it any more than I already have would not be prudent, let alone possible. As always, Barker's prose has a very poetic touch that is irresistible. Clocking in at over 1000 pages, this book is a challenge and there are certainly a few dead ends, but it is definitely worth the effort.

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