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Red Dragon
by Thomas Harris

Overall: 8
Readability: 7
Intelligence: 8

Two families are dead at the hands of a madman. FBI instructor Will Graham, who has a talent for hunting serial killers, must try to catch him. The last time out, Graham had captured Dr. Hannibal Lecter, and in the process, Graham was horribly wounded. Needless to say, Graham is hesitant to go hunting again. Harris attempts to mix some very fictional story elements within a realistic setting. Searching for a killer is no easy task, and this book shows just how meticulous the work is. Graham follows a trail of microscopic forensic evidence to the killer, and you get a good feel as to how painstaking and grueling the process is. That being said, this is still a piece of entertaining fiction, and thats what makes the tedious process of investigation bearable. Graham is a protagonist weary of his work, but driven to find the killer. His inner conflict is portrayed well and constitutes the main theme of the book. This book also marks the first appearance of the chilling Dr. Hannibal Lecter, whose role in the book is quite smaller than I expected, though still intriguing. Harris has crafted a good book, with fascinating characters and a meticulous realistic setting, which makes unlikely things seem more likely (the ending, for example). Definately a worthy read.

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The Great Red Dragon: Lots of info on Harris' books and the William Blake paintings of the Red Dragon.
Manhunter (IMDB): Film adaptation of Red Dragon, directed by a young Michael Mann. Never seen it though...

Page 65 - Dr. Lecter: "How did you catch me Will?"
Will: "You had disadvantages."
Dr. Lecter: "What disadvantages."
Will: "Passion. And you're insane."
Page 343 - "There is no murder. We make murder, and it matters only to us."

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