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I've finally upgraded to a professional web hosting service with a domain name for Kaedrin. I'm also going to update the layout of Kaedrin to what you are looking at now, but I want to use some sort of content management system to administer the site. I'm currently considering solutions like SSI or XML/XSLT. What this means to my beloved visitors is that it may take a bit of time to transfer all the content to and what is here may not be working properly. If you have any suggestions or want to help me in my content management crusade, feel free to contact me at Thanks, hang in there and enjoy yourself.

New at Kaedrin
Updated 1.10.00: The Imaginary Archive has been moved to! I converted all the data to XML and used XSLT to transform it to to HTML. Confused? Good. Theres still a little work that needs to be done, but this xml/xslt system provides more flexibility and makes the site easier to maintain and update. I've learned a lot from this IA experience already, and I'll hopefully get Kaedrin running on a similar system as well:)

Updated 1.8.00: Things are coming along nicely, though not as well as I hoped. I'm having trouble developing an XML/XSLT solution, so I'm just going to put up what I have (in the new layout) and continue to develop the XML solution in secret. Mwaaahhaaaaha ha ha... ah, *ahem*. Yes. (Be afraid)

Updated 12.20.00: A new book review for More than Human has evolved in the Book section. Don't forget to check out the Christmas Movie Poll on the frequently updated weblog (a few days back). I also added some links to Asimov sites in the Guide to Asimov.

Updated 12.05.00: The Christmas Stuff section hath recieved a facelift. I also put up a fake webcam in the weblog, which I've been updating like a penguin on meth amphetamines (which is to say, a lot). Also check out the Tandem Stories, revived with some new entries.

Coming Soon!! New, more flexible layout with some sort of content management system. More advanced forums. Etc...

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