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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Halloweeny Links
Kaedrin's own monkey research squad strikes again, with a pseduo-horror/Halloween theme. Enjoy:
  • Kernunrex's Six Weeks of Halloween 2007: He of the Chronocinethon is taking a break from exhaustively exploring movies in chronological order, and watching lots of horror flicks in the six weeks leading up to Halloween. I wish I had thought of this (and had time to implement). I think the neatest thing about his schedule is that he sneaks in a bunch of shorts and trailers between his movies (for instance, he's got the classic Simpsons episode, The Shinning and the great SNL Skit: Consumer Probe: Unsafe Halloween Costumes). I might have to do something like this in the near future. Or maybe I'll just go to the 24 Hour Horrorthon in Philly.
  • Horror Movie a Day: This guy takes to watching Horror movies with a zeal unseen since, uh, Kernunrex. Crap. Still, this guy watches 1 horror movie a day and posts a quick capsule review.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Celebrating 30 Years of Very Stupid Monsters: What can be more fearsome than the Duckbunny? I dunno, the picture of the Squark kinda looks like Cthulhu if you don't look too close. And have poor vision. Also, with respect to the Giant Beaver (actual D&D monster), this snapple cap that's been on my desk informs me that Beavers were once the size of bears! Ok, I'll stop now. Lots of stupid monsters here.
  • The Legend of FacilityFocus: Funny "Underground Guide" for how to enter repair request using UPenn's new web interface, done in the style of an adventure video game walkthrough. Is this horror? Well, as someone whose job involves usability, this is pretty horrific.
  • Plush Hellraiser: The Box. You Snuggled It. We Came. I'm mostly linking to this because of the brilliant title, but Widge has some neat suggestions for newly released plush Hellraiser toys.
Ok, so some of those are a stretch on the Halloween theme, but work with me here.
Posted by Mark on September 30, 2007 at 10:15 PM .: link :.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a screenplay.

I actually wrote this a few months ago (posted in my forum) when these chips came out, but since I'm still short on time these days, I figured repurposed content is better than no content, so enjoy. One warning is that there is lots of profanity in the below...

A dozen men and women dressed in business attire sit around a table. Several appear to be ANGRY. Baskets of various chips and snacks are scattered throughout the table. Frito Lay executives are questioning our hero, Burt Dorito.

FRITO LAY EXECUTIVE 1: What the fuck!? This is the worst fucking chip I've ever fucking had. Foster! How many of these godforsaken things did we make.

FOSTER: We have somewhere on the order of 1500 tons of it at the warehouse.



BURT DORITO: They're not that bad. They taste like hamburgers! With pickles!

FRITO LAY EXECUTIVE 2: They're fucking horrible. They taste like fucking hamburgers. With fucking pickles.

FOSTER: Burt, did you forget that 3 people have just vomited from eating these chips? Christ, I think I'm going to vomit.

BURT DORITO: Stop exaggerating. Those people were already sick. It had nothing to do with the chips.

FRITO LAY EXECUTIVE 1: You better have a fucking plan you fucking twit. This fucking shit is going to fucking ruin us.

BURT DORITO: They're good, let's just release them. We can call it the American Classic Burger or something.

FRITO LAY EXECUTIVES 1 and 2 sit in silence while GLARING at BURT DORITO.

MARKETING WEENIE 1: I think I have an idea.

FRITO LAY EXECUTIVE 1: Who the fuck are you?

MARKETING WEENIE 2: He's our top marketing guy. Whaddaya got Bill?

MARKETING WEENIE 1: Well, I figure our best bet is to market the new flavor in such a way that the customer doesn't know what they're buying.

BURT DORITO: What the fuck are you talking about!? How the fuck are you going to do that? People are going to want to know what they're eating, aren't they?

MARKETING WEENIE 2: You think people know they're eating Monosodium Glutamate when they eat Doritos?

MARKETING WEENIE 1: Look, it's easy. We'll do a contest or something. We can simply pretend that we don't know what to name the new flavor, and allow customers to enter by submitting names for the new chip.

FRITO LAY EXECUTIVE 1: I think "Shitburger" will work.

FRITO LAY EXECUTIVE 2: Good work Marketing Weenies. Hey asshat, what's the project number on this atrocity?


FRITO LAY EXECUTIVE 1: Great, print it.


Several people enter WAWA, looking to get some lunch. The store is CROWDED. Two SCHMUCKS, JANE and MARK, order a sandwhich, grab their ticket and go to get a drink and snack to go with their sandwhich. As they approach the snack isle, they notice something new:

MARK: Whoa, what the fuck is that?

JANE: Looks like a new flavor of Doritos!

MARK: Yeah, but what flavor.

JANE: I dunno. Looks like they want us to name it for them.

MARK: Lazy fuckers.

JANE: Yeah.

MARK: I'm intrigued though. I'm getting it.

JANE: Me too.


Several people sit at a PICNIC TABLE, enjoying their lunch.

MARK: Gross

JANE (in unison): Gross


MARK: I'm sure I'm giving these Frito Lay people way too much credit.
Yeah, so don't get those X-13D Doritos. Unless you like the idea of a Dorito that tastes like a hamburger (with pickles). While I'm at it, let's use their marketing website against them:
A nice bag of Shitburger Supreme Doritos
Posted by Mark on September 26, 2007 at 11:05 PM .: link :.

Chuck Jones is a vengeful god
Given my recent work schedule, this recent XKCD comic seems especially poignant. Pursuit of unattainable perfection? Why yes, I am working with CSS.
Posted by Mark on September 26, 2007 at 12:46 AM .: link :.

Monday, September 24, 2007

We Could Be Heroes
Just for one day though. Apologies for the missing entry yesterday and the lame entry today. Time is still tight, so I'll just throw out a link to 5 Questions Season Two of Heroes Had Better F#@king Answer.
Unlike a certain show about people stranded on a mysterious island that we won't name, by the end of its first season NBC's hit series Heroes had managed to neatly wrap up the vast majority of its plot threads and running storylines. The cheerleader was saved; the sword was retrieved; and the exploding man was stopped. We didn't watch the finale of the mystery island show that we're not naming, but we wouldn't be surprised if Locke was left speechless by the sight of Patrick Duffy in the shower. Had it all been a dream?
Some questions I have: Will they finally just get rid of Ali Larter's dumbass subplot? Which lame, cliched plot element will they get me to fall for anyway?

Update: The answer to my second question: Amnesia.
Posted by Mark on September 24, 2007 at 11:43 PM .: link :.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Goblin Bloggin'
Since time is even shorter than usual, the Green Goblin is filling in with a video blog. Enjoy.

The project I'm working is almost over. It launches next week and I'm sure I'll be busy for a little while after that, but then we'll be back to blogging as normal.
Posted by Mark on September 19, 2007 at 11:10 PM .: link :.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fantasy Football, 2007
As I mentioned earlier in the week, my schedule is pretty tight so my time for writing (and just about everything else) has been drastically reduced. So I'm just going to introduce my 2007 fantasy football team, the Star Wars Kids. I know most of my readers aren't big sports fans, but I can probably dash this off in a half hour, which I actually have enough time for. So I did very well last year, but my team peaked early and lost in the first round of the playoffs.

I was a little worried about this year. First, I had almost no time to prepare for the draft, which isn't usually a good sign. Second, the team I drafted seemed to be relying on a lot of "comeback" seasons (players who had a bad season or two due to injury or due to their team's performance, but who could make a comeback this year). Third, I ended up with a lackluster defense and my bench is a little weak. This is due to my position in the draft. I was last but the draft is a snake, so I had the 12th and 13th pick, but then had to wait for another 2 rounds for my next pick (36 overall). This position has its advantages, but it also meant that when a run on Defense/Special Teams happened, I ended up with scraps. Fourth, as an Eagles fan, I was frustrated by the fact that I ended up with Terrell Owens. He's a great performer, but on a personal level, I hate him. And he plays for the mortal enemy of the Eagles. I also have the Cowboys defense & special teams. Put simply, when the Eagles play the Cowboys, I'm going to be pretty conflicted.

Anyway, after one and half weeks here, it seems that the team I drafted is doing quite well for itself. Many of my gambles are paying off, and I may have underestimated some of my "sure things." So here's my team:
  • Tom Brady: (QB) Yes, I had him last year and yes, I was a little disappointed by him. He did a solid job, week in and week out, but he was no Peyton Manning (I don't want to start a holy war here, but while we could debate which is better in real life, Manning has always been the better fantasy QB. ) So if I was disappointed last year, why would I spend a second round draft pick on him this year? Put simply, he's got a real receiving corps now. Last year, he did a good job and he had no good recievers! This year, he's got Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Donte Stallworth. There was perhaps a little bit of a risk here, as Moss hasn't been stellar in Oakland... but, you know, he was playing in Oakland. Who wouldn't do poorly? Anyway, Brady put up huge numbers last week, and it was a good thing too, as my opponent had Peyton Manning (interestingly, they both put up the same amount of fantasy points). As I type, Brady has put up 165 yards and 2 TDs and we're only a couple minutes into the 2nd Quarter of tonight's game. This may be my best pick of the year, though it didn't require much thought. Brady was a sure thing.
  • Travis Henry: (RB) This one had me worried. Henry is notoriously injury prone and inconsistent, has had fumbling and substance abuse problems in the past. However, Denver coach Mike Shanahan loves to run the ball, and Henry is a workhorse when he's healthy. Then again, Shanahan is notorious for giving the ball to multiple backs, which is poison for fantasy owners. So far, so good. Henry has put up solid but not stellar numbers. This is about all I could expect, but there's always the nagging fear of injury (or, uh, being arrested or something).
  • Edgerrin James: (RB) He had a bad season last year, so this was a bit of a risk. However, everything I've seen says the problem was the team he was on and not him. The Cardinals didn't run much and were pretty awful last year, so it was difficult for James to gain any ground. However, with a new head coach and some other changes, I was betting on big things from James... and so far, things are going well. He's been my top running back in the first two weeks and shows no signs of slowing down.
  • Adrian Peterson: (RB) A rookie who was originally scheduled to share the load with Chester Taylor... but when Taylor went down with an injury early in last week's game, Peterson came up huge. Unfortunately, I had him on my bench. Peterson's going to be one of the people I put into the "Flex" position from week to week, so he may spend some time on the bench (especially if Taylor comes back), but he did a reasonable job this week.
  • Terrell Owens: (WR) As much as it pains me to admit it, TO is fantasy gold, and I got him relatively late in the draft. He's been one of my top performers and I'm sure he'll remain that way. He's good for double digit touchdowns, and as much as I dislike him on a personal level, I have to admit, I like the numbers he's putting up. I wish I had the fortitude of Bill Simmons:
    Just know that he'll never be on my team. I can't root for him. It's not in me. When TO does something good, I don't want to feel happy.
    I don't like rooting for him either. Makes me feel dirty. But he was a steal when I picked him up in the draft, and he's paid off in spades. *sigh*
  • Reggie Brown: (WR) Brown is the uncontested #1 WR in Philly, but he did nothing last week. Nothing. 1 reception for 11 yards. This is absurdly lame, and adds fuel to the "I hate having to root for TO" fire. Why can't I have a hometown player I can actually root for on my team? The last time that happend was 3 or 4 years ago when I had Brian Westbrook (who also happens to be from my alma mater). If Brown, who's riding my bench this week, doesn't do well tomorrow night, I'm not sure I'll keep him on my team.
  • Jerricho Cotchery: (WR) Put up mediocre numbers last week, but came up huge this week. Considering that I drafted him in one of the later rounds, I think this was a decent pickup, and he's earned his way to the number 2 WR slot on my team (though I'm pretty weak at WR).
  • Dallas Clark: (TE) Has had injury problems and is coming off a bad year, but he appears to be healthy and it's always nice to have one of Peyton Manning's targets on your team. He's put up some pretty solid numbers for me so far, so this late round draft pick seems worth it.
  • Cowboys: (D/ST) I hate the Cowboys, but due to a run on D/ST picks inbetween my picks, I really didn't have much of an option for D/ST. The Cowboys did crappy last week, but did a decent enough job today. That's all I can really ask for, though it would be really nice not to have to root for the Cowboys.
  • David Akers: (K) Well here's a hometown player I can root for, but the Kicker isn't exactly a premier position. Still, Akers is as solid as they come, and he should be able to put up decent numbers for me.
  • Bench: Texans QB Matt Schaub seems to be my best bench player, which would be great if he didn't have the same Bye week as Tom Brady. D'oh! Nevertheless, he might make good trade bait. Or not. We'll see. For backup running backs, I've got the Bells (Mike and Tatum), neither of which is all that great (though Mike Bell is Travis Henry's backup, which could be useful if Henry goes down with an injury). Rounding out the team are Drew Bennet (WR, crappy) and the Cardinals D/ST (also crappy).
So there you have it, the 2007 Star Wars Kids. So far, they've performed far beyond expectations, putting up a league high (tied for first, actually) 107 fantasy points last week. This week, they look even better, putting up 117 points so far, and Brady still has a half game left and Akers plays tomorrow night. There are still lots of things that could go wrong, and I could peak early like I did last season, but I'm still happy with my team's performance. I took a lot of gambles and picked several sleepers, and it looks like they're all paying off... so far.

Update: Greg's draft didn't go as well as mine, but I think he'll make due.
Posted by Mark on September 16, 2007 at 07:43 PM .: link :.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quick Update
Seeing as though I just got home from work, I'm not especially in the blogging frame of mind, except to say that the next two weeks or so are going to be hectic around here, so posting will most likely be light (though I guess you never know. I'm sometimes at mymost inspired when I'm obscenely busy with other things. A cruel irony, that.) Anyway, in lieu of a proper post, here's a funny video about ridiculous comment threads at popular sites/blogs (I bet Shamus can relate to the "First" comments at least, though he does seem to get a lot of good comments as well - this video is probably more for stuff like YouTube comments.):

That's all for now. See you Sunday, with a post that is hopefully a little more substantial than this.
Posted by Mark on September 13, 2007 at 12:12 AM .: link :.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Link Dump
Some interesting stuff going on recently:
  • Chainmail Bikini - The highly anticipated new webcomic from Shamus (who did the brilliant DM of the Rings comic) and "recovering goth" Shawn Gaston. The first comic is up, and it's great. If you liked DM of the RIngs, you'll like this too...
  • Unusual Weapons Collection: My favorite is the second one.
  • Perceptions of Risk: Bruce Schneier's post illustrates yet another failure in risk perception when it comes to bird flu (which hasn't killed anyone in North America, while the boring regular flu kills tens of thousands), similar to an old post of mine (which was inspired by Schneier's book).
  • Why scary games are better than horror movies: Clive Thompson's recent Wired article taps into something that I think is really true: it's much easier to get tensed up and paranoid while playing a game than it is while watching a movie.
    For several years now, I've found that my favorite horror experiences aren't coming from movies any more. They're coming from games.

    Why? Partly it's because films have become much less artistically interesting. With a choice few exceptions -- like the superb The Ring -- I've found that modern horror movies have been offering less and less suspense, and more and more gore. Maybe it's due to the rampaging success of Saw, which gave birth to the current trend toward torture-chic and metric tonnage of blood in scary movies.

    In contrast, the best scary-game designers have quietly perfected the interplay of tension and release that makes for a truly cardiac horror experience. They have, in a sense, become even more faithful interpreters of the horror tradition movies than Hollywood directors.
    In some cases, it's because the atmosphere is scary, in others it's just because you feel that your character is an extension of yourself (this is apparently much easier to achieve with video games because you are actually controlling your character - it's much more difficult to do this in movies, which are more passive). In particular, I remember thinking this while playing Aliens vs. Predator 2 a few years ago. That game absolutely freaked me out, every time I played it. Of course, that game plays on the tension established in the movies (especially the nerve wracking motion detector from Aliens), but they did a really good job of establishing a creepy (and yet familiar) atmosphere. It doesn't help that Aliens are absurdly fast and come from surprising directions. I might just have to reinstall that game...
  • I Feel So Special: James Grimmelmann had a paper break into the top 10 downloaded papers at a legal website. It was downloade 12 times. "To put that in perspective, this video of a hamster eating Cheerios was viewed ten thousand times in an hour yesterday." Hehe.
That's all for now...
Posted by Mark on September 09, 2007 at 05:42 PM .: link :.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wii and Foosball
When playing the Wii, especially Wii Sports, one can't help but wonder how stupid we look playing this game. Here we are, standing in front of a TV, flailing about in an attempt to play some silly game. I'm sure people watching someone play on a Wii think it's really lame. It takes about five minutes of actually playing it to get past that, but getting someone to try that first five minutes might be a little difficult.

The other thing I've noticed is that Wii Sports is really only fun when you're playing with a bunch of other people. I can play the single player games for about a half hour before getting sick of it, but when other people are around, time simply flies. Hours later, you start to wonder why your arm is so sore. When you think about it, this isn't that unusual. Most games are social affairs and would be no fun by yourself. It wasn't until video games came along that single player games became so common. I think a big part of that had to do with the inherent limitations of video game hardware. A lot of early games had capabilities for multi-player, but the really fun multi-player experiences didn't happen until you got to the 1990s, and even then, it wasn't as big a portion of the industry as single-player games. Things have been getting steadily more social as time and hardware (and networking) has gotten better, and I think the Wii taps into something that a lot of the latest games and systems don't. Again, this isn't that unusual. Games are meant to be social, and in some cases the mechanics of the game are irrelevant when compared to the social value. For example, Steve Yegge explains one of the main pastimes at Google:
Anyway, until then, the main pastime, other than researching how the Romans managed to eat several meals at one sitting, is Foosball. This is a game I've been introduced to since I came to Kirkland. I've seen it before, and always thought it looked kind of lame, but that just shows you what I know. Foosball is a way of life around here. Which makes it... not lame, see?

I can't quite figure out whether it's popular because it's the only thing to do other than stuff your face (except on Mondays when you can poll the massage calendar hoping someone will cancel) or if it's actually fun in its own right.
There's something similar going on with the Wii. When you're watching other people play, it seems kinda lame... but then you start playing with your friends and all of the sudden, it's 3 am and you feel like your arm is going to fall off. Wii becomes not lame because everyone has so much fun playing, even if they do look like idiots while doing so.

Now all they need is Wii Foosball and we'll be all set.
Posted by Mark on September 05, 2007 at 10:08 PM .: link :.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Martian Successor Nadesico
After a few weeks and various obstacles (work, Netflix), I have finally completed Martian Successor Nadesico. Overall, I'm happy with it, though there are a few things about the series that I didn't particularly care for. Many of my initial thoughts still hold. For instance, I couldn't stop noticing the similarities between this series and Vandread (and Vandread: Second Stage), though towards the end, things did seem to be a little less Vandread-like.

The series takes place a few hundred years in the future. Humans have colonized the Moon and Mars, but attackers from Jupiter start to cause lots of trouble on Mars. The Jovian Lizards are seemingly unstoppable, but a privately built warship developed by Nergal industries gives hope to humanity. Commanded by the ditsy but competant Yurika, the Nadesico and her crew, including reluctant pilot Akito, take on their Jovian enemy. But everything is not what it seems.

The Nadesico In Space
The Nadesico

Again, the similarities to Vandread are more than skin deep (though I should note that Vandread was produced after Nadesico). All the major elements are there - a mysterious enemy with overpowering technology and automated attack ships, a male pilot with a mysterious past who is pursued by several jealous females, a ship's computer that's a living entity of some kind, etc... There's even some strange male/female issues going on (though nothing as explicit as Vandread's war between men and women). The list goes on and on and on. Sure, there are some wrinkles in the various formulas, but overall the series are quite similar. However, the impression I'm getting is that both series are simply drawing from a larger pool of clichés that feature prominently in other series about mechas and space combat. Nadesico has more of a referential tone than Vandread though, and it seems to approach parody or even farce at times. It breaks the fourth wall often (once, a character even tells another character that she's breaking the fourth wall) and it often seems to be poking fun at itself. As someone who isn't especially familiar with the genres in question, I can't be sure just how well Nadesico captures and skewers the genres, but I enjoyed it even without that context.

While the series does have the aformentioned lighthearted tone, it's not always like that. It often veers off into more serious territory, and from the very beginning of the series, the creators never let you forget that this is a war. There are several surprises strewn throughout. Betrayals and death are not shyed away from, even as the series constantly pokes fun at itself. To be honest, I'm not sure how well they pulled this off. There aren't many big switches between silly fun and deadly earnestness, but when they happen, it's quite disorienting. Some episodes are just so silly (like perhaps episode 19, the Nadesico Idol episode) that it's hard to believe that other episodes are from the same series. This inconsistent tone is odd, though not necessarily a bad thing (and the same inconsistency struck me about Vandread as well, so perhaps it's not so unusual).

One thing about this series that I really liked was that they did try some interesting things. Results vary, but when they take a risk and it works, the results are great. Some of the episodes really stood out, particularly the Run Silent, Run Deep episode. It's the 20th episode in the series, and it features a battle of wits between the captain of the Nadesico and an enemy captain that's reminiscent of the classic submarine movies like The Enemy Below and, uh, well... Run Silent Run Deep. The enemy has developed a new and potentially devestating weapon, and the Nadesico must run for it's life... Eventually, they mount a creative counter attack. What makes this work is that both sides are competent, their tactics sound, and you can tell there's a respect between them. It was an enthralling episode and I've already watched it twice.

Most of the main characters are reasonably well defined and interesting. The main character of the series is Akito, a cook and reluctant pilot who has a mysterious past on Mars and is troubled by his role in the war. He's also pursued by several female members of the crew (and other women throughout the series). This harem comedy thing sometimes works, but this series goes a little overboard with it.

Visually, the series well done but not spectacular. As I mentioned before, the subtitles were a little hard to read at times (They use different colors to indicate background speech and foreground speech, but they're sometimes inconsistent with it and in a couple of cases, the text takes up more than half the screen!) so I mostly watched the dubbed version. I'm not a huge fan of the music in the series, but by the end, I'd gotten used to it.

The end of the series is somewhat satisfying. The main character arc of Akito and Yurika is resolved, but a lot of subplots are left open or unexplored. Apparently, there's a movie that continues the story, but from what I can see, even that doesn't finish the story.

More comments and screenshots below the fold... One of the problems reviewing a 26 episode series in a short blog post is that a lot of the details of the series that I love are often lost in the shuffle. One of my favorite characters was the ten year old Ruri. At first, I thought she was the counterpart to Vandread's Paiway, and in some ways she is (they both seem to have a detached perspective while observing the rest of their respective crews). But Ruri is also the ship's very capable science officer and seems to have a great relationship with the ship's computer. The shot below shows Ruri and Yurika explaining how the Nadesico works to the crew.

Yurika and Ruri
Yurika and Ruri

Another similarity between Nadesico and Vandread, there's a Christmas episode! Is this a common convention on Anime series? Regardless, Nadesico's Christmas episode isn't as great as Vandread's, but it's still fun.

A Christmas Tree on the Nadesico

Most of the supporting cast have interesting little quirks. I've already mentioned Hikaru, a cheerful Otaku and pilot who likes to wear funny toys. Izumi is another pilot who is constantly making bad puns. This was apparently hell on the translator, who had difficulty coming up with english equivalents. They're hit or miss, but some of them are great. Here's one I liked: "...In space, there is no down. In order to 'lay down' you've got to get a duck." Heh.

Hikaru and Izumi

While I'm still something of an Anime newbie, I did recognize some of the references in the show (I'm sure I missed most of them though). I'm not positive, but there's a sequence where Nergal officers take some people to something they found buried on Mars. Is it me, or does this lift look exactly like the one in Akira? The whole sequence of going down the lift and looking at some piece of found technology is familiar. Are these diagonal elevator things common in Anime? The only other place I can remember seeing them is in various video games... which, come to think of it, were probably made in Japan.

Taking a lift down...

So I noticed a couple of times in the series that someone wearing glasses pushed them back up with their middle finger. I noticed this at least twice. I don't know, is flipping the bird a universally understood thing? Apparently not:

Is he giving me the finger?

So that about wraps up Nadesico. I'm glad I watched this series, but I'd like to watch something a little different next. Something without mechas or harems. Perhaps it's time for Cowboy Bebop or Trigun...
Posted by Mark on September 02, 2007 at 09:18 PM .: link :.

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