Link Dump

Yet more links from the depths of the internets. Enjoy:
  • Let's Star Trek Into Darkness - A long and humorous look at the most recent Star Trek movie from longtime fans.
  • New Mexico's "Atari Dump" to be Excavated - Video Gamers have long heard of this fabled location:
    For gamers, the Atari Dump is the stuff of lore, long associated with the failure of "E.T.", Atari's attempt at a home-game tie-in to Steven Spielberg's 1982 movie. The company paid handsomely for rights to the title and rushed an ungainly game to market, making such a face-plant in sales that it almost ruined the company. "E.T."'s epic fail became a cautionary tale and a symbol of the video-game industry crash of the early 1980s.

    Now, Fuel seeks to exploit the legend by filming a documentary about the excavation of the dump, perhaps hoping to find thousands of "E.T." game cartridges and Atari 2600 consoles -- or at least hoping that viewers will hope to find that.

    And they might indeed find them -- along with a lot of other stuff. Historical records suggest that the dump may be full of all manner of industrial detritus.
  • Previously, on Arrested Development - Someone has wayyyy too much time on their hands. As Arrested Development gets revived by Netflix, someone has created an insanely detailed mapping of recurring jokes. I've started watching the new season myself, and I guess I'm enjoying it well enough, but then, I was never that big of an AD fan to start with...
  • R'ha (Short Film) - Pretty amazing little sci-fi short film considering that it was written, directed, and animated by a single man (with an assist on music and voice acting).
  • Famous Family 'Amazing Race' Teams We'd Like To See, In Order Of Their Predicted Eliminations - This is awesome:
    Zooey and Emily Deschanel

    Zooey, unable to see through her bangs, runs full-speed into a column at the Parthenon and is pulled from the Race by medical with concussion symptoms.


    Mads and Lars Mikkelsen

    Calm demeanor and cultural open-mindedness, pluses; tendency to get sucked into crime scenes and murder investigations throughout Western Europe, minuses, and Mads is distracted by keeping a running tally of annoying "let's win this leg...OF THE RACE haw haw" jokes. Lars's muttered wisecrack about ladyfingers in the customs line leads to a two-hour search delay, and their elimination.
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