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Welcome to Kaedrin
Lets face it, if you are here then you either know me, or you are lost. Regardless, I'm glad you are here and I hope you can stick around a while and check out what I have to offer. This site is new, but many features are now available and hopefully this site will become a unique and exciting experience for everyone. You can check out Fun Stuff for sound clips, images, quotes, movies, and books, you can visit one of the many links, or you can add a chapter to the Interactive Tandem Stories. Have Fun!

Updated 12.20.00: A new book review for More than Human has evolved in the Book section. Don't forget to check out the Christmas Movie Poll on the frequently updated weblog (a few days back). I also added some links to Asimov sites in the Guide to Asimov.

Updated 12.05.00: The Christmas Stuff section hath recieved a facelift. I also put up a fake webcam in the weblog, which I've been updating like a penguin on meth amphetamines (which is to say, a lot). Also check out the Tandem Stories, revived with some new entries.

Updated 11.29.00: I moved my review of Unbreakable from its spot in the weblog to a more appropriate home in the Movies section.

Coming Soon!
Movie Review for X-Men. Layout is slowly being updated:-) More info in the Asimov section.

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