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    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2005
    Ah, nothing like working late. But it actually feels good to get a lot done. Ever since my promotion, I feel like I'm constantly deeling with little issues. They're usually not difficult issues, but they tend to be disruptive when it comes to getting other work done. However, today I was able to clear a few uninterupted hours of time, and bam: 10 page requirements document written, and a 15 page presentation written. Both are drafts and will need to be revised before I finish them, and of course, I've been thinking, meeting, and writing outlines/notes on the project for weeks, but still.

    Also, I had my first interview with a prospective employee yesterday. Don't want to really talk about the candidate, but it was an interesting experience. It took up way more time than I thought it would (phone interviews tended to be a breeze). It's an interesting process, and I've been reading up on it (perhaps a blog post will be made on the subject).

    Let's see, what else? Actually, that's it for now. Nothing much going on. How is everyone else? Anyone up to anything exciting?


    That's what I thought!

    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2005
    I admire you for writing all that in a few hours. Well, you probably had something written, notes, a draft maybe, but that's still impressive.

    I've been working, well, training for my new job. But I have been sick this past week, so I only worked 16 hours. Luckily, the material is very easy to understand, and I have no fears that I will be able to pick it up on the research floor (that's what we call the place where all the map analysts do their research).
    From 8-noon next Monday, we'll be trained on the new software that was just rolled out. It combines street maps, flood maps, aerial photos, census data, and other stuff all into one interface, whereas those things had to be accessed separately before through different methods.
    After 1pm, I'll be completely finished with training and start work on the research floor.

    The hardest part of my job that I can see right now is scaling. Not because I don't understand it, but my eyes just can not handle the physical strain of trying to look at tiny, closely-spaced tick marks on a ruler.

    Charles was offered a full-time, regular position with Qualcomm. He is receiving a considerable raise that nearly gave me a heart attack and a sign-on bonus. I do not understand why they're giving a sign-on bonus though. I guess they thought other companies were vying for him.
    We're were going to buy another car for Charles, but because our workplaces are so close together, we've been carpooling and don't see the sense in paying for two tanks of gas every week instead of one.
    The problem is that I *have* to be at work at 8am, whereas he can come in and leave whenever he wants. He's not a morning person, so I have to keep waking him to get him up in time. This is not good because it causes me stress at the very beginning of every day.

    However, if we don't carpool, then he'll undoubtedly sleep in until 9-10am and thus work until 6-8pm. Because I can't work after 5, that means we wouldn't see much of each other until the weekend.

    I'll be glad when I'm not sick and can get back to doing fun things.
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2005
    Thanks:) It seems that one of the defining characteristics of my productive periods is that I have to know a subject inside and out. Once that happens, I'm golden, and I can write non-stop until I get it all down. In this case, I'd been working on the project (meeting with people, figuring out what was needed, working with a sort of prototype system that we already have, checking out vendors who have this functionality, and other stuff) for several weeks, giving all of the concepts and ideas a while to kick around in my head before I really sat down to write. I did have an overall outline, and some portions of the thing were already written, and I really wanted to start earlier, but once I started, I was allright.

    Sometimes just getting started is the key. There's this excellent article by Joel Spolsky (programmer extraordinaire - was on the first Excel team at MS) called Fire and Motion that's about this very subject. It's a great article, and I relate to it in many ways...

    Congrats and I wish you & Charles continued good luck with your respective careers:) And hope you feel better!