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    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2006 edited
    I got to go curling again on Saturday. The last time I went it was an open house, so anyone could come and there were apparently over 1000 people that came that day... so I didn't get to do much. Saturday was an open house only for friends and family of members, so I got a much better overview. It's actually quite fun! I might sign up for the beginners class/league, but it doesn't start until the fall... it's a little expensive to become a member of the club, but it could be a lot of fun and the starting classes are reasonably priced...

    Otherwise, I kept myself busy last week with the Movie Festival (a few reviews are up on the blog, if anyone's interested - I've got another two reviews to write, as well as some other possible movie commentary which I might hold off on while I post about other stuff...) Adult Swim 4 your Life was quite possibly the weirdest show I've ever seen, though my friend (who went last year) said it was much stranger and more crazed last year (more thoughts and specifics on the blog).

    Before the movie festival, I had started reading a book called Linked. It's about networks (and not just computer networks, social networks and others are discussed) and it seems to be providing a great overview of the subject. It touches on a lot of issues I talk about in the blog, so it will most likely be the inspiration for a few posts in the near future:)

    I also started reading "At the Mountains of Madness." It's been sitting on my shelf for a few months now, just waiting to be read. It wasn't even going to be the next fiction book I read, but there's some 4k book club going on and that's the book, so I figured why not? Good so far, very typical Lovecraftian start...

    Before that I'd read Neal Stephenson's Zodiac, which was actually pretty good. Definitely not his best work - there's some sloppiness there that he's generally gotten rid of, but it was quite entertaining nonetheless (It also seemed that he took some liberties with the science in the book, but I'm not advanced enough to split the hairs - plus, the book has a tongue in cheek feel to it, so I wasn't particularly worried about realism). I'm hoping we'll get some news of his next book soon. It's been almost two years since System of the World came out, so he'll hopefully be hard at work on his next novel by now:)

    Otherwise, things are going well. Busy as ever at work. One of these days, I'll schedule myself a vacation. Actually, I've got a few things planned for the summer. A trip to Florida, a trip to the Maryland beach, and I think I might get up to Boston for a weekend too. Hmmm...

    Anyway, how is everyone else?


    Drats, this is a difficult entry to categorize. I've got Site Updates, Books, Movies and General stuff in this post. Hmmm. I guess it goes in Cheese then.