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    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2006 edited
    While this may not necessarily fit into the cheese category per se, I could imagine enjoying a nice cheese with it... maybe?

    Anyway, my roommate was able to obtain some absinthe last weekend so, he, a friend of his, and I drank some of it going through the whole sugarcube filtration thing and it really is green you know! At least this stuff was. From Poland, apparently. Anyway, so we drank some of this stuff, and nothing seemed too out of the ordinary. Then we all sat down and tried to watch this movie called Mirrormask, something Neil Gaiman was involved in and was apparently described by a Sony exec as something along the lines of a fantasy journey on acid for kids. This is about where the green fairy went all balastic on us. None of us could understand the movie. At all. No one could follow the dialogue and after a while we couldn't even communicate with each other properly. Whenever we would talk it was like there were three separate conversations going on. The movie was kinda scaring us too but, as it turns out, all the visuals in the film were actually there. We just couldn't wrap our brains around any of the dialogue (or our own, apparently). About the only thing we could all get across to each other was that the weird little creatures with the cat bodies and 2D human faces and feathers that resembled the feather in the Adobe Photoshop logo were really creepy, except every once in a while we would think they were cute (but the three of us never thought so at the same time).

    So that was an interesting night. I also sent my girlfriend and a couple friends an email that started off "this is amazing! check this out..." and then just went rambling from one thing to the next without even finishing my sentences sometimes.

    The taste is reminiscent of black liquorice. Between this and mushrooms of questionable chemical composure, it's no wonder medieval Europe is full of strange legends.
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2006
    Heh, one of my coworkers used to be a bartender and was just saying today that every European liqueur he's had tasted like licorice.

    And licorice be some nasty stuff anyway.