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    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2006
    Greetings all, just thought you might like to know that there are a couple of new styles available for the forum. Does everyone like their styles? Any requests for styles or color schemes or something? Let me know. I need to bone up on my CSS and design skills...

    I got a little curious, so I decided to check up on what styles everyone is using, and some other little stats that might be interesting. First, the styles - how many people are using what styles?

    4 Kaedrin
    2 Vanilla Dirt
    2 Vanilla

    "Vanilla" is the default style, so I don't think that's all that popular. I was kinda surprised that Vanilla Dirt was used, but it makes sense. It's the only really dark version...

    And now for some posting stats. No names will be used, but I'm not going to include myself:

    Highest number of discussions created by one member: 4 (two people tied for this). This is so lame, people! Just for the sake of comparison, I have started 26 discussions... Get posting people!

    Highest number of replies by one member: 40 (followed by 26, 16, 9, etc...) Not bad at all. I only have 43 replies:P

    Visits by one member: 260 Also not bad, though I'm at around 404 visits. But I'm lame and it's my forum, so that's to be expected...

    And just for reference, we have 8 active members, with three banned members and a "guest" account.


    • CommentAuthorSamael
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2006
    And let me point out that it's grim when one of the people who've started four threads hasn't even been signed in a month yet. What are you old timers doing?

    I think I'm using "Dirt." I like it- I like white text on dark backgrounds.
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2006
    I was using the Kaedrin style. I can't remember if I had a specific reason. I forgot all about there being different styles. But I just changed to Vanilla Dirt because dirt is cool. It can be moist or gritty. It's the home to insects and plants. And dirt is a result of erosion, which is cool too.

    Plus, I'm a pretty down-to-earth person. Haha.....ha....eh.

    Maybe it's me who visits a lot. I don't feel like I do, but I visit at least once, if not twice, a day. Usually my visit is just a glance at the forum to see if there are new posts. If I have time and the inclination, I'll post something. But I'm afraid to post anything lest I start whining about work.
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2006
    I use "Kaedrin" style. I haven't really poked around with the styles that much...as far as color schemes, I like green, is that a scheme?

    I haven't started too many discussions...but I do try to at least check in every day. I always mean to respond more than I do...I think I would start more discussions if I spent more time on the internet like I used to.