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    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2012
    t's been while, and thanks to other social networks, I don't often think to drop by, but sometimes I miss the old Kaedrin forum.

    I hope everyone's holidays went well...ours was busy, but fun. I've spent the last few years disliking Christmas more and more, but having a kid makes it a bit more fun again, even if Finn was mostly interested in tearing off chunks of wrapping paper to cram in his mouth. My God, that kid puts everything in his mouth. And you know what's not fun about having a kid? Teething...I spent this week wanting to just curl up in a ball and sleep =(

    Well, Merry Fish-mas and happy new year!
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2012
    Hey, the forum still works?! Stupendous.

    I hope everyone had great holidays as well!

    I miss the good ol days of the Kaedrin forum, but truth be told, I don't post here much and I'm sure everyone only checks it on a quarterly basis (well, probably not even that often anymore). Perhaps I will make a new years resolution to post more blabbering here, but I can't guarantee anything because I say that everytime I post here and then I wait a month or two to post anything else.

    I had a good Christmas and a pretty uneventful week off between Xmas and New Years (which was also pretty uneventful). I got a kindle (and have already read two books that I downloaded for free) and some paper books (irony!) and a few beers (apparently the family has realized that I like beer) and some typical clothes and gift cards. I got my dad a smoker which I actually went ahead and wrapped (it took about half a roll of wrapping paper - and it was a one of them big rolls too. You know how you normally have to cut the paper down to size when wrapping? Well I didn't, and it still wouldn't cover the box with one big sheet, so I had to make one going in the opposite direction. I was going to use two completely different wrapping papers, just to make it look extra incompetent, but I decided instead to just use this striped wrapping paper that would look really stupid because none of the stripes would line up where different pieces of paper met... but the thing was that it actually looked pretty good. Am I still talking about wrapping? I'll stop now.) Anyway, my dad likes to cook, so I'm hoping he makes some awesome ribs or brisket or something that I don't get much up here.

    Speaking of cooking, I've been trying to expand my culinary horizons a bit of late. Nothing too complicated, but I've been having fun. Banana bread (for when I forget to bring bananas to work for breakfast and end up with 3 overripe bananas), which turned out pretty good and which I suspect will become a monthly or bi-monthly tradition. Homemade chicken soup, which actually turned out good except that I used crappy pasta that was way too good for me and which sopped up too much liquid - I will make this again soon, as winter is really the only time to make soup. I made some slow-cooked ribs myself as well, and though they won't be as good as ribs from a smoker, they were pretty darn good (and I'll most likely want to make something like them again). I've also gotten pretty good at doing veggie stir fry (occasionally adding various meats for variety) with barley (which I find is a more healthy alternative than white rice or pasta - less carbs, more fiber).

    For my next batch of beer, I'm thinking of making a single-hopped Simcoe IPA. I'm also working on a recipe for Earl Grey beer (using an english style, maybe a mild or ESB, then adding bergamot oil and/or bags of tea to the proceedings somewhere), though I have no idea how that'll turn out. Both will be small batches. Also, maybe I should use the spent grains in some sort of bread.

    Other than that, not much going on. I'm easily amused.

    • CommentAuthorgrenville
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2012
    Quarterly checkin. I'm in the Starbucks near Stephansplatz in Vienna. I commute between Singapore and Central Europe via Frankfurt with the odd side trip to homebase in London. I love Vienna, great museums and I like sausage. I've already flown 38,000 miles this year. My tip is avoid Frankfurt airport unless you like being trapped in a rodent maze. I'd like to know what drug the planners of that airport were on. Planes and airports is pretty much my life at the moment. I spent Christmas-NY in Thailand with my gf who is a very strict Bhuddist when it suits her and wants me to buy her a beauty salon in Khon Kaen. Anyway, thats my life at the moment.
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2012
    38,000 in a month? Good God man! Good to hear from you though, and glad to see you're doing well.

    Apparently airports and train stations can be fiendishly difficult to design, especially when you consider additions and/or the differing agendas of the airlines/train companies involved. In America, at least. It's hard to navigate some stations/airports because different companies own each terminal/station, and thus the signage can be difficult to coordinate between stations and it becomes quite strange to navigate... Not something I'm intimately familiar with, but I think I read an article about it recently or something. I'm easily amused.

    Good luck with the Beauty Salon!

    • CommentAuthorgrenville
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2012
    I'm in Innsbruck, now, taking a break for a few days. It is very cold. They had the winter Olympics here once. I can see why. Snow everywhere. Train travel in Europe is a joy. 4.5 hours in a smooth Railjet from Vienna and I finished off a book and took in some great winter scenery.

    There is an art to airport design, granted. But some airports are welcoming, relaxing and user-friendly regardless of how many extenstions they've had. I think pretty much everone agrees that Changi Singapore is the best. It was the best when there was just one terminal and now there are three. It is one of those airports where you end up exactly where you need to be regardless of how stupid you are. And the yellow on black signage is just the right size and in just the right places. Auckland and Munich are other award winners that have the same user-friendly feel. I don't know why Incheon and Hong Kong win all their awards. I don't like either of them. Hong Kong doesn't have elite fast track passport and immigration. Passport control is a zoo. Econo passengers should be in their own slow-track caged area well away from elites.

    I don't think she'll get the beauty salon. She lacks the attention span to run a business.