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    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2011
    I'd kinda fallen into a funk of not really doing much lately, but the past few weeks have been pretty eventful. If any of you are following the beer blog, you've probably seen some of this from a beer-centric perspective, but this post will be about what went on in a more general sense.

    So I get a call on Friday night (this is actually two weekends ago at this point). It seems a friend of mine's brother (who I also know, though not all that well) is having a bachelor party in Philly. The whole event kicks off with an afternoon Flyers game, and as it turns out, they have an extra ticket, so thus I am invited. They're club box seats, so that means nice seats, a private bar with free drinks, and a free buffet thingy. It's not super-upscale (there are certainly more expensive options at the stadium), but they were nice seats. The sports complex in Philly is currently undergoing something of a rennovation. Our old stadium was destroyed several years ago and replaced with dedicated baseball and football stadiums (both very nice). The oldest stadium was the vaunted "Spectrum", which is where the Flyers and Sixers played for a while, until the new building was built about 15 years or so ago. They've coexisted for a while, with the older Spectrum getting minor league teams, etc... but it was somewhat recently decided to demolish that stadium to make room for some shopping/restaurants (surprisingly, the Philly sports complex kinda sucks when it comes to that sort of thing - there's nothing particularly notable around it, so this is a welcome development, despite the fact that we're losing a beloved building). I was surprised to see that it was, kinda, sorta, still there:

    (click on any of the images for bigger version)

    Yikes. Anyway, good times at the game, though the Flyers lost... but my friend's brother was a fan of the opposing team, so it made for a pleasant group afterwords.

    From there we hopped on the train and headed to the Yards brewery.

    Yards Brewery

    I'll let the beer blog speak to what happened there, but needless to say, we all had a great time. From there, we headed to dinner:

    Fogo De Chao is a Brazilian steakhouse. It's one of them all-you-can-eat affairs where you have a little card in front of you that you can turn "green" to let the servers know you want more food. Leave it on for a while and you've got a plate full of roasted meat. It's amazing. The best thing I had was some sort of Beef filet or something. Perfectly prepared and totally mouth-watering.

    Look at all that meat! And that's not even close to the amount of meat I ended up consuming. There was also a salad bar, so I did manage to get some vegetables in me, but yeah, meat sweats kinda happened during dinner, thus signifying that I should probably stop. But yeah, good times for all, and I was pretty full by the end of dinner. The plan was to head across the street for some bowling at one of them fancy hipster bowling alleys (Lucky Strike Lanes), but we were informed that there was a 3 hour wait, so we kinda wandered around a bit, finally ending up at Dave & Busters. It was a bit of a madhouse in there, but good times were had and I got to digest some meat. I played that fancy horse game where there's like 10 stations and a bunch of people can create a horse, then you train it and you all sorta race each other on the big screen when the races come around. It's a game I loved about 10 years ago, but it's really starting to show its age. It's basically got the sophistication level of an iPhone game, but it's still a lot of fun (probably not worth anything near what I paid to play, but that's besides the fact). We played some other games - I'm a fan of the games with guns you get to play with. Unfortunately, it seemed like every game was broken in some way. Poopy. As it turns out, D&B was kinda a momentum killer for the day. We were flagging, so we left. At this point, it's around midnight, so mass transit had basically stopped working and we were about 15 blocks or so from the hotel. Thus was born the "15 blocks, 15 drinks" plan, which (fortunately) didn't really pan out, though the drinking did resume at a fun pace.
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2011
    We stopped at some bar I don't remember and had a drink, headed to another bar, had another drink. At that point, the bachelor asked if there were any bars people knew about. I mentioned that Eulogy (my favorite Belgian beer bar) wasn't that far away, and given that there were a number of beer geeks in the crowd (including the bachelor), that's where we ended up:

    Yeah, terrible picture, sorry. Iphone doesn't do so well with a lot of light. We pretty much stayed there until it closed at 2 am (details on the beer blog). When we exited, we see a nice collection of cops as there had apparently been a fight just down the street (man, am I glad I wasn't driving in the area that night - people near the fight must have been waiting for an hour before they could move). Apparently, one of the bachelors friends had witnessed the tail end of the fight when he went out for a smoke a few minutes earlier.

    You can't really see it in the picture, but the cops were interviewing someone who was obviously a... "lady of the night" if you know what I mean. Anyway, it turns out that we had actually walked in the opposite direction than we should have, as we're still about 13 blocks from where we needed to be. At this point, though, all the bars were closed, etc... so we basically just walked back. We ended up stopping at the only open pizza place on the way. I don't know Philly that well, but this place was apparently right in the middle of the "gayberhood". They had these hysterical t-shirts for sale:

    I totally burned the crap out of my mouth with the pizza because it was so hot. I can't say as though it was awesome pizza, but at 3 am, anything tastes pretty great.

    Surprisingly, I wasn't even that drunk at that point. Yeah, I drank a lot of beer throughout the day, but over the course of about 14 hours, it didn't really work out to that much. My friend and I ended up taking a cab back to his house (which was about an hour), and by that time (about 4-5 am), I hadn't had any alcohol for 3 hours. I was feeling completely sober, so I ended up driving home and sleeping in my own bed (which was nice).

    Of course, I was extremely bloated and even a bit sore from all the walking the previous day, but it was a great time. I haven't had a day like that in several years. Not something I need to do that often, but it was really fun.

    Well, crap, it's almost 1 am now, so I should really get to bed. Hope everyone else is doing well!

    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2011
    I'm like a month behind here but hadn't been by the forum lately and wanted to say hi. Sounds like an awesome night. There's probably a good joke to be found about gay pizza burning your mouth but I'm not clever enough for it now. Or maybe not offensive enough, haha.

    I promise to make a post here of substance when I'm not killing time on my phone. I finally made the jump to a smartphone (Evo)! It's fun, even if it only provides for slightly more productivity. It's mostly revolutionized how I spend my 'standing around waiting' time. It's fun. These birds are so angry!
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2011
    Haha, I'm about a month behind here too:p Fortunately, not much posted lately! Though I've been busy. Looking forward to a non phone post. And yes, "standing around waiting in line" is my favorite part of owning a smartphone. Also, I've been saying "These birds are so angry!" in an exasperated tone for a while now. I find it funny, though I'm also pretty easily amused.