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    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2010
    So this past Sunday, a friend invited me to the Giants football game. I could really care less about the Giants (they were playing Washington, so I did get to see Donovan have a bad game, which was nice, I guess, but I still don't care), but as it turned out, there were about 8 of us in attendance, from all over the northeast, which was reason enough for me. Now, the game was in northern NJ, so in order to get their early enough to tailgate and have some fun with my friends, I had to get up at like 6:30 am. I'm sure there are lots of people who think that's a perfectly reasonable time to get up, and a few years ago, I would've been in that boat, but nowadays, that's crazy talk. I typically get up somewhere between 8:30-9 am, and haven't gotten up before 8 since... I don't know when. I'm not complaining or anything, but I was a bit lethargic that morning.

    Anyway, I packed up my cooler, made the trek to my friend's house, and the three of us that were local drove up to the stadium, where we set up shop and got the grill going, started drinking (brought my homebrewed brown ale, which seemed to go over well) and eating food that was really bad for me. We threw around a football, attempting to stand in some parking spaces so that we could maybe save a spot from the people coming in from points north, but we eventually almost got runover by some NY fan (not really, but it was still annoying). Anyway, it was cold. I dressed in layers, and throwing around the football actually kept us warm, but as the day progressed it seemed to get colder (or, at least, windier, which is even worse). It wasn't unbearable or anything, but I was so cold for so long that it's almost like I'm still a little chilled from that day. Brr.

    Otherwise, not much else going on. Holiday shopping is going reasonably well, just need to tie up some loose ends. Beer club meets on Thursday, which is exciting (Holiday beers!) Comments on the blog continue to be a pain in the arse. It looks like someone was commenting on a bunch of posts today, but their Google ID got garbled or something, as it just comes up with some weird URL. Grr. Need to figure out a way to get anonymous commenting back (or maybe allow registrations here)...

    I was looking at my list of 2010 movies I've seen, and I've slowly crept up to big numbers (at 47 right now). Earlier this year, I was way below my usual pace. Now I'm catching up with DVDs, etc... and I have about 20 more movies I want to see before posting my full top 10 list (probably be late January or early February, like the past few years).

    Well, that's all for now. Hope everyone is doing well:)

    • CommentAuthorgrenville
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010
    I've been watching American football myself lately. I channel surf late nights in hotels when I'm trying to get to sleep but can't. I watch sports or Discovery channel mostly. I prefer the highlights package because the live games to tend to drag a bit. They drop the ball a lot and the game stops for 10 minutes while fat guys on the sideline shout into headsets. Its an interesting game. I was in the SilverKris Lounge at Changi recently where they have huge plasma screens and one of them was showing an American football game and an American guy was trying to explain the game to some SE Asians and Indians and a couple of Brits. The Brits kind of got it because its a bit like rugby only with a forward pass allowed, but he had no luck with the Asians.

    My movie experience these days is almost entirely on airplanes which can be a distorting experience depending on the airline. I watched he Shawshank Redemption a while back on a Malaysia Airlines flight and it just didn't make sense with about twenty minutes cut out -- pretty much all the violence and any mention of the tennis pro doing the wife and the bull queers. it was surreal. There is a bit of censorship on Singapore Airlines, the airline I most fly with, but they have these great 15 inch screens in Biz class and 23 inch screens in Suites which almost makes up for their bland choice of movies. Air New Zealand probably has the most riske selection of movies while Cathay practically shows porno.

    My life is like the George Clooney character in Up In The Air. But at least I fly international biz class. He had to fly US domestic...the horror. I'm somewhere in the Pacific now. I'll be in Dubai for Christmas (try to think of a worse place to spend Christmas) and Hong Kong for New Year.

    Take care.
    • CommentAuthorSovawanea
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2010
    I bought a new coat. I was going to wait until after Christmas, but it got so cold here (single digit lows) early, I decided not to wait. Plus, it has a removable down liner, so it's 3 coats and one and perfect for traveling down South for Christmas where it may be rainy, sunny, snowy or all three over the course of a trip this time of year.

    I was going to comment on your eggnog post, but I don't think I have any Sovawanea log ons with the acceptable vetting source options it gave me. I dislike eggnog with much passion, but I saw something called Caramel Nogg in the store the other day and it has my interest piqued.

    I went to see Love and Other Drugs because a friend of mine really, really likes Jake Gyllenhall. It was well done. It reminded me of a lot of other films- About Last Night, Jerry Maguire, any movie where the girl has cancer and even a little bit of Judd Apatow to make it feel current. So, nothing new and worth racing to the theater for. However, if you are going to see a movie with family or friends over the holidays that really enjoy romantic comedies, it wasn't painful to watch to or anything and had a few genuinely funny bits.
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2010
    There's a lot of arbitrariness with American Football, but it's enjoyable to watch if you have some sort of stake in what's happening. Now that I don't play fantasy football anymore, I only really watch the Eagles games, and even then, it's usually only on in the background and I don't especially care when I miss a game.

    I... I can't imagine that censored Shawshank. I mean, what's the point? Why not just show PG movies instead? Anyway, I hope you are able to make the best of the holidays, wherever you are...

    Sov, I've got some vacation time coming up, and I'm planning on doing some maintenance on the blog commenting system (it needs some work!) so hopefully the comment system will be more usable in the near future. As for Caramel Nogg, I don't really know what to make of that. I mean, I like Caramel and all, but the the thought of drinking straight caramel (which is what that sounds like), seems a bit odd to me. I did manage to get my hands on that Creme Brulee stout a while ago (I think you had recommended that to me), and that struck me as being very caramelly, so perhaps if the Nogg had something to cut the caramel, it would be fine...

    I saw Love and Other Drugs and mostly agree with your sentiments. It doesn't especially add anything to the common tropes, but I have to admit that the two leads had a good chemistry together and the gratuitous nudity was a welcome surprise (I mean, I expected some love scenes, but whoa). I also find it funny that stories set in the 1990s are becoming more common. I mean, not exactly a "period" piece, but it's funny and I'm betting we'll see more of it in the future. I guess I should feel old, but whatever:p