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    • CommentAuthorgrenville
    • CommentTimeOct 17th 2010
    I hope everyone is well. It's been I think a year since I was here last.

    I'm eating oven baked something or other chicken in a Vietnamese restaurant in Stanley St, Hong Kong. It's so-so chicken. I have a blistered foot from following an Asian female around malls in Tsim Tsa Tsui yesterday (that is a lot of malls) wearing new Rockports that are too tight in the right shoe. 

    Bit of quiet time at the moment, though big trouble is coming. You can sense it. We are in for very, very bad times. Worse than the thirties maybe. Try to keep the job if you have one.

    I am trying to type this on an iPad. I've had one for six months but can't quite get the hang of writing with it. I even tried using an iPad for one week exclusively for work purposes and it didn't work out too well. If I had a blog I'd write a long post called "I tried the iPad for a week. Why I went back to a laptop". The iPad is great for reading on planes, which is where I spend most of my life, so I get to read a lot.
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2010
    grenville! Good to hear from you. Sorry about the blistered feet, hope you get to kick back and relax for a bit (heh, yeah right).

    I certainly hope you're wrong about the "trouble", but the pragmatist in me can't deny that there's trouble brewing. There are some serious structural problems with the globalized economy and I'm not seeing them worked out in a very hospitable manner.

    The only thing that would excite me about an iPad is the ability to turn it right on. The near instant usage of a web browser is much better than the use of a laptop, which takes a while to boot up (or evem de-sleep) and is also more awkward to use in most situations. But then, to your point, typing on an iPad probably gets annoying fast. Fleh. I'll just be sticking with a desktop/laptop duo for now.

    Anyway, hope things are well with you, and stop by more often:)

    • CommentAuthorSovawanea
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2010
    I desperately wanted an Ipad at first, but I just keep putting it off. It's just such an investment for what amounts to being a non-essential toy for me. I go on airplanes a few times a year usually and not for any sort of extensive international travel or long flights.

    I also have a blister because I left in a hurry and did not put on socks before going to stand around in lines and in a field for hours to see the President and the First Lady with a friend. I expected there to be a line and a security process, but since I had been hearing for weeks that Obama wasn't drawing as big of crowds, I didn't think it would be so many. Maybe everyone just really, really likes Michelle Obama.

    I have no idea what's available in your area grenville, but I highly recommend a product called Glacier gel for blistered feet. It's an adhesive gel bandage and you can leave it on for a couple days and then usually by the time you take it off, the blister has pretty much reabsorbed into your skin.
    • CommentAuthorgrenville
    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2010
    The blister is still very painful. Walking around the Venetian in Macau half the night didn't help (The Venetian is an enormous casino in Macau which reproduced an indoor Venice complete with real opera-singing Italian gondoliers - super tacky) but got invited by an Indian businessman I met at the heliport in Hong Kong. He gave me some very interesting insight on how the emerging China catastrophe is playing out down at the tech-sweatshop floor level, so I felt obligated. I'm at HKG waiting for a flight to Bangkok so I'll put the feet up on the plane and give it some rest.

    The problem with the iPad I've found is in getting stuff on or off it or moving stuff around between apps, especially in a secure environment. Its great for reading pdfs or passing around in meetings. I think it is mainly an entertainment, reading and light browsing tool, but not for serious business computing. I'm writing this post on a laptop because the iPad is a bit too fiddly for text writing in forms.