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    • CommentTimeJun 17th 2010
    We missed our flight. >.<

    I have never missed a flight before, and it is a crummy feeling. Venting here makes me feel better though.
    We got another flight connecting through Ft. Lauderdale instead of NYC, but it will get us into Boston 4 hours later than the original flight. At least the person at the ticket counter let us book another flight without charging a whole new ticket price (though we did pay $80 to guarantee seats on both flights to Boston - we didn't have to, but we didn't want to risk standby).

    Anyway, now we're stuck waiting around for a long time.

    Added to my stress lately has been Charles' health, the non-completion of the screened porch, and the appearance of oak wilt in our neighborhood. On the upside, Charles is feeling less sick today, our porch will be finished by the time we get back, and our trees will very likely make it through the oak wilt after an expensive fungicide treatment, which we can afford because Charles' employer is awesome.

    Oh yes, but I will also start fostering cats, mostly kittens, once we return to Austin. I will house the fosters in the guest bath until we can get the cats' litter boxes transitioned to the porch. The fostering thing is stressful because there are all these things I have to learn about the process of the organization I'm volunteering for. They provide lots of information on it all, but it's really too much information, and some of it conflicts. It's still a pretty new organization, formed in 2008, and they rescue animals from the city's animal center's euthanasia list. Austin is trying to become a no-kill city.
    Also, I will have to take each group of fosters to the med clinic in south Austin (opposite side of town from where I live) at least 2 or 3 times while I have them, and they have to be at adoption events three times a month. I don't have to stick around at the adoption event, but it's encouraged because people are more likely to adopt a cat that has a foster parent advocating for it.

    I guess I'll return to being bored now.
    • CommentAuthorSovawanea
    • CommentTimeJun 18th 2010
    It's the vet visit part that keeps me from fostering, honestly. It would be different if my bus system explicitly allowed pets in carriers, but since they do not I cannot gaurantee reliable transportation to keep appointments.

    Turns out that even the uber expensive place by the airport won't be open early enough to drop our cats off before our flights next week. Knowing my luck, we'll get to the airport really early and 10 minutes before boarding is supposed to start they'll announce a weather delay or something anyway.