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    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2009
    Been mucking around in a beta build of Chrome all day since the beta has extensions.

    More to the point, mouse gestures, which I can't properly operate without.

    It's a little awkward though, little rendering pauses here and there. Things aren't quite right. I think it's the WebKit rendering engine. It's awkward the way Safari is awkward, which is also a WebKit-based whatnot. I don't think the rendering is actually any faster than Firefox, just certain aspects of it feel like they are. But it seems like it handles javascript-heavy stuff a lot better and it doesn't take twelve hours to load. At least not until I bog it down with five thousand extensions like I did Firefox.

    It's not very helpful for web development. Everything's all sleek and simple and not really all that informative.

    I'm sure no one cares. Maybe tallman, but he'll tell me to use Opera. He might be right.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2009
    Awhatzit in the wherezit by the whozit now?

    Just use Firefox! It's a fox wrapped around the Earth! Who doesn't want to be cuddled by a gigantor fox? (Only those positioned underneath his rear end.)

    Speaking gobbledygook am I? Now you know how I feel. But I have the next two weeks off from work, so nah!
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2009
    Ohhh, I didn't know the New Chrome has mouse gestures. I will have to check that out. That's the one feature I can't live without. Firefox does have an extension for that, but the implementation is very clunky. Opera's implementation is just so smooth and usable. I think it might have something to do with the default caching setting in Opera (which is like 6 hours or something). It makes it so when you go back, the page redraws quickly, as opposed to other browsers which sometimes redownload stuff (it's kinda frustrating that the iphone safari does that - you'd think they would make that change, though I guess memory is limited).

    I really hate webkit, though. There are always crazy weird rendering issues, though I guess it's gotten better recently. But the real advantage of Chrome is, as you mentioned, the way it interprets javascript. It's so much faster than anything else that's out there. I think it's open source too, so maybe firefox will get a clue and implement it sometime (or maybe that's just ignorant speculation and the two are not compatible at all).

    I still use Opera for most day to day browsing, with the occasional use of FF. The lack of extensions for Opera is starting to get on my nerves though. Also, you get those weird rendering issues occasionally too, because no one ever checks their website in Opera. Still, as web standards have grown, so has Opera's rendering gotten better....

    And Spence, I think I followed what you said there, so no gobbledygook for me:p

    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2009
    Heh, well, I'm actually back on Firefox now. Chrome's too awkward, and I think there was some extra weird rendering stuff going on that might be specific to it beyond the weird shit Webkit does. Sometimes I would load a page and the top elements would be made much taller than they should be while the page was loading, then return to normal. Also, occasionally, when I'd click a link then go back, the browser would place me at the top of the page instead of in the middle (vertical scrolling-wise) where I was. On a page with a lot of content pushing down vertically, like an article or a weblog, this was especially annoying. It wasn't happening most of the time but it wasn't a small percentage either. I'm thinking it might be worth revisiting a few versions into the future but for now I'll stick with Firefox.

    Plus, as Spencer pointed out, it is a fox wrapped around the earth.