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    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2009
    I've always been more of a movie person, but I've recently come to realize that my music collection is rather stale. I need some new blood. As such, I've bought a few things recently, but wanted to get some other input. So suggest me some music! No matter how weird or odd or, er, normal, I will give it a try.

    For reference, here are a few bands I've been looking at for various reasons:

    Mars Volta
    Arcade Fire
    Sigur Ros
    Sufjan Stevens
    Modest Mouse

    I've heard some of their music, but not a lot and am planning to basically buy an album each, just to see what happens:p

    Anywho, suggest me some stuff! If anyone is still reading.

    Oh shit, it's almost 2 am. When did that happen? I should go to bed or something.

    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2009
    My music is stone cold dead. I haven't listened to any in a couple of months, I think.

    Well, I'll give you my most recent new finds, meaning in the past year. I've probably talked about some of these before.

    Andrew Bird - there was an Andrew Bird craze a while back, at least around here, when his latest album came out. At first I didn't like his music, but some of it has grown on me. He's a talented musician.

    David Berkeley - I know I've told people about this musician before. I like his latest album, Strange Light, the most. I don't think he's fully formed as a musician yet, like he needs to tighten up his sound or something. I don't know what I'm talking about really. I do like much of his stuff, but he could be better.

    Frightened Rabbit - Scottish rock band. Need I say more?

    Rodrigo y Gabriela - You've probably heard this duo. I really want their new album, 11:11.

    I should check out the bands you listed because I am in dire need of new music. I am just so damn picky. I'm not a music snob though. I don't know enough about music to be all stuffy about it; I just know what moves me and doesn't.
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2009
    Of the bands you listed, I think I like Rodrigo y Gabriela the best and have added 11:11 to my list (or is there a better album?) Frightened Rabbit also sounds interesting. Bird and Bekeley sound almost the same to me (after listening to just the itunes excerpts). Not sure about them.

    As for the bands I listed, I ended up buying:

    Mars Volta - The Bedlam in Goliath - Pretty good so far, but I need to listen to it more to get a real feel... Seems kinda repetitive? Not sure. The overall sound is a little different... not sure if I like the singer, but the music is pretty cool.

    Arcade Fire - Neon Bible - Again, need to listen more before to get a good feel for this...

    Sufjan Stevens - Illinois - I only really listened to one song, "Come On! Feel the Illinoise!", and it is AWESOME. Ok, maybe I'm overselling it. It's this really strange old-timey but modern hipsterey type feel. It works really well. Will definitely be buying this! Check it out here:

    FYI, I have no idea if lala.com is a good site or anything, but you can listen to stuff there... I found it from this:

    Which is also where I found the Sufjan Stevens album... Anyway, thanks for the suggestions!

    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2009
    First, I didn't know about lala.com until you linked it, but I think it's awesome. This is what I've been wanting - a way to listen to music to see if I like it before I buy! And, you can buy MP3 albums, which is something I was thinking about just today. I don't have strong attachment to physical CDs - I rip the songs off of them and pack the CD away never to be seen again. So going straight to MP3 is a good option for me.

    I see what you mean about Mars Volta's singer. My very first thought when I hit play for "Aberinkula" was "Rockin' chimpmunks!" The singer sounds a bit like Ed Kowalczyk from Live in his more annoying moments, like on the whole V album. Ugh.
    But, I can see some of it growing on me. I don't know that I could listen to it while driving though. I need calm, heh. Okay, listening to some more and it's making me laugh. Is that supposed to happen?

    I've really enjoyed the first three songs on the Neon Bible album from Arcade Fire so far. I think the album and band name are apt because my very first thought was "ELO!" The very first sounds made me think of the movie Xanadu, and the laser art helps reinforce that. And sometimes the lead singer sounds like David Bowie. But, they have their own sound for sure, and I like it.

    I am really liking the Illinois album! The first song made me laugh, but it also sounds really pretty. There's a good amount of variety in sound to this album, but of course there's also a commonality (the instrumentation) throughout. I like the use of lots of instruments, I've come to realize.

    Yay new music! Thanks tallman!
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2009
    Don't know if you ended up getting any Modest Mouse but The Moon & Antarctica is one of my favourite albums.

    I've been into St. Vincent lately. The best description I found of them is "a band from the future but from the past." The music sounds like what I think people in the 50s might have thought music would sound like the in the future.

    Zoë Keating is another good one. She's a cellist that loops various pieces she'll play over each other to create something that sounds like there's sixteen people playing instead of one.

    The new album by The Swell Season is... uh... swell. Sorry, I didn't want to make that pun, but really, I did want to make that pun. Anyway, it's called Strict Joy and I'm loving it. It's uh... did you see the movie Once? It's those two, plus the other guys from the Frames (the guy from the film's band). Actually, if you like that, you should also check out the Frames (I've probably mentioned them before). I think Burn the Maps is by far their best album. They have a live one, Set List, that's really good too. Unfortunately, their albums released prior to Set List don't have great production quality. Bad mixing ruins a lot. But those two are great.

    Been listening to a lot of Josh Ritter as well. Kinda acoustic rock/old timey/vaguely country stuff. I just saw him open for the Swell Season, so I'm sure that's why. I recently tweeted about his bass player's moustache.

    I'm going to stop now before I recommend everything I own.
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2009
    I haven't had a chance to check out more than I've listed above, but The Moon & Antarctica is definitely on the list. I'll also look into the others you've listed.

    As of right now, Mars Volta has grown on me a bit, mostly because of the bits where the guy isn't singing, but his voice doesn't grate on me as much anymore either. Arcade Fire album has really depressing lyrics, which is something I don't normally notice. That said, the song Intervention has awesome music and an interesting progression (even if the lyrics are annoyingly morose). I'm really digging the Sufjan Stevens album. I love the song titles. One of my favorite songs is "They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back from the Dead!! Ahhhh!" I just love that they included the "Ahhhhh!" in the title. Also multiple exclamation points. It's not music I would normally pick for myself, but I am enjoying it quite a bit.

    It's funny, now that I'm listening to new music, my old music (which I've listened to death at this point), is almost unlistenable and boring:p I should have done this a while ago.

    I also found this list, which is pretty interesting:

    It's 1000 recordings to hear before you die, and it's got a wide variety of music, etc... I was thinking of making a project out of listening to all of them... something that would probably take years. Hopefully I could also continue to use a site like lala where i don't have to buy in order to listen (because it would cost somewhere on the order of $5,000-$10,000 to buy everything on the list)...