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    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2008
    I went Sunday night to see the Toadies, who have reunited (minus the original bassist) and put a new album out...it was a good show. I couldn't help thinking I wish I'd seen them in 2001 after Hell Below, Stars Above came out, but it was fun nonetheless.

    Not much else going on here...interviewed for a great new job, but haven't heard anything yet, trying to stay hopeful.

    How's everyone else doing?
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2008
    I love the Toadies!

    Good luck in your job hunt. I've been staying hopeful for 5 months! *strained smile* But seriously, you're smart and will be successful.

    I've been a regular party animal. Sunday will be the third party for me in one month. I usually average...0. One is my husband's company year-end celebration, and they usually have good food and poker.

    I'm a big dork and got all excited about these cookbooks I bought. First of all, I hate cooking. But one of the books is the Five-a-Day Fruit and Vegetable Cookbook, which I got for $5 from Half-Price Books. I love reading about exotic plants and fruits that I will never have the chance to use (and hence not a threat to my non-cooking self), but I do love fruit, and I need help figuring out how to cook vegetables because I need more of them in my diet.

    My kitten, Sundae, is 4 months old. She is still super playful and wacky. About two weeks ago, she realized there was a whole new world available to her atop the kitchen counters, much to our chagrin. Her desire for human food is only growing. I do feed her a little banana, pineapple, and yogurt when I eat them. So yeah, I'm a horrible influence. Sundae has the most adorable, pitiful face and meow when she wants stuff. I'm a sucker.

    I'm still looking for a job. I've put in about 5 applications recently. However, I am basically guaranteed a job with the IRS, if I want to take it. They're hiring for their seasonal and temporary positions, and my experience and education mean I'd probably be offered a job, but that won't happen until January, if it does. So I don't have to decide until then, and in the meantime, I'm still looking for something else I'd enjoy more. The positions with the IRS wouldn't be that interesting, and the seasonal spots only last 3-5 months they say. But it's work. I think working there would only help me more later, and since it's seasonal, I would go back to looking for another job after the tax craziness ends.

    But the paperwork you have to fill out! Federal employment is a pain in the ass. Now my fingerprints are on file, so no more crime for me!

    I'm going to start a book today that I hope you guys would like. It's supposed to be funny. I'll let you know how it turns out.
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2008 edited
    I don't think I ever heard more than a few Toadies songs. Did like what I remember though.

    Spence, if you end up with a job at the IRS, does that mean we all get a special Kaedrin forum tax break?

    I'm doing well. I've been to a few protests this past week against a California ballot proposition that passed banning same-sex marriage. The proposition amended the state constitution since a previous ban approved by voters in 2000 was overturned by the state supreme court. The 2000 proposition passed with 66%, this one with only 52%, and a lot of us who opposed it have been continuing to fight it past the election, which is good to see (at all the events I've been to so far, support from passersby has been frequent). There's already 3 or 4 lawsuits against it, concerning how dramatic a change to the state constitution it is for a mere ballot measure and it being in conflict with other parts of the constitution regarding equal rights. Additionally, there will probably be a counteracting proposition on the ballot in 2010 (maybe earlier but I'm not sure about proposition submission deadlines - I know it's too late for March '09 but not sure about November) if this proposition doesn't get invalidated before then.

    It's the kind of thing I do have faith that the courts could strike down (if not at the state level, it's definitely in violation of the country's constitution) or voters could repeal in the future but I'm disgusted that it even passed. I'm angry because not only is it bigoted but it goes as far as writing that bigotry into the state constitution. I'm firm in my belief that a constitution should only restrict government's interference in the lives of citizens and NEVER the other way around.

    There was a huge rally in downtown LA yesterday that's, unfortunately, not going to make much news locally because the state's on fire. Again. It's really sad actually. I heard on the news the other day that these fires may have destroyed more homes than any other fire on record in this area. The air all over the city and surrounding areas has been ridiculously smokey since yesterday evening. Areas closer to the fires have had ash raining down on them. One of my closest friends had to evacuate his place at 2:30am the other night. He snuck back to his house to spray down the outside and pick up a few more things, only to see a house on the street behind his in flames on the news (smoke was too thick for him to see anything from his yard but he could hear every time there was an air drop on the fire).
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2008
    Hey all, good to hear from you. Best of luck with the job hunts. I can't imagine that being very fun with this economy. I second Dyre's Kaedrin Forum tax break proposal. Let's get this thing passed before April so we can take advantage of it.

    About a year ago I realized that I was eating way too much meat. Since then, I've tried my best to incorporate more vegitables and less meat into my diet. I now manage a solid 5-6 completely vegetarian meals a week (out of around 14 meals - I don't always eat breakfast, but when I do, I tend not to eat meat (cereal, bagel, english muffin, or soft pretzel)... though I do partake in the occasional sausage, egg, & cheese). In some cases, such meals are even free of cholesterol (meaning no butter or cheese either), a feat that I found more difficult than I would have thought. My diet is probably still shockingly unhealthy, but it's better than it was. I also went through a period of about 3-4 months where I was exercising almost every day. I have sadly fallen out of that habit (this tends to happen in winter, for some reason - perhaps because things pick up at work and then there's the holidays, etc...), but I feel better because I barely got any exercise last year.

    What book did you start? Is it good? I'm thoroughly enjoying Anathem. I'm at about 700 pages and will probably finish it this week (things went a little slow for a while because the Phillies kept winning in the playoffs, even in the World Series, then there was that whole election thing and also the fact that I watched an obscene amount of horror movies... but I read 300 or so pages in the last week and should blow through the next 200 or so pretty quickly). Anyway, it's really good. The whole vocabulary thing took a little getting used to, but it works fine after the first hundred pages or so (I think it's easier to get through than Dune in that respect). There seems to be a pretty solid story, and even things that seem like tangents tend to be worked back into the story later in the book. I wrote a blog entry about two weeks ago about the vocabulary thing and came up with a few idle speculations as to why he was doing this... and as a commenter noted, there is more to it than I had speculated. Minor spoiler alert... As soon as they started bringing up stuff about other cosmi and planets from alternate universes, I immediately thought that perhaps Earth would make an appearance. I don't think I'd be disappointed either way, but it's interesting the way he has mixed the ho-hum "many worlds" ideas with quantum mechanics to produce something slightly different and interesting. I realize now that I need to learn more about quantum mechanics and special relativity:p

    Anywho, I'm otherwise doing well. I'll be heading up to Connecticut to hang out with some friends this weekend (sort of a pre-holiday get together mixed with the fantasy baseball league's "winter meetings" - heh) and I actually took some vacation around thanksgiving. Normally I work during this time (because I'm in retail and that's a busy time for us), but after several years of doing so, I figured I'd give it a shot. Plus, I'll be able to go hunting for the first time in years. Just renewed my license the other day and got it in the mail today. Now I just need to find my boots and giant orange jacket/hat.

    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2008
    "Spence, if you end up with a job at the IRS, does that mean we all get a special Kaedrin forum tax break?"

    No, but you may qualify for a breaking of the legs. The IRS is a harsh mistress.

    Thanks for going to all those protests and taking pictures. That was nice to see.

    The book I read was Mine All Mine by Adam Davies. It was humorous yet predictable. Probably a good read after something like Anathem.

    Did you succeed at hunting? I hung out with my dad and brother once in a....deer blind? It was made by our neighbor. They didn't shoot anything that time, and it was incredibly cold up there in the middle of winter with no heat. Of course I was much more interested in watching the wildlife while it was still alive (at that age even deer were interesting).

    I made Chinese pepper steak tonight from The Convenience Cook, and it was delicious!