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    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2008
    So,I'm back from London and Ireland...I will write a somewhat detailed account about the experience, and I have a ton of pictures to sort through, but as of right now I'm still decompressing and trying to readjust to Eastern Daylight Time.

    So, a short summary: London was cool, very international, lot of languages and accents. 1,000 years of history next to stuff built last year. Ireland was very green, it rained at least a little (sometimes a lot) every day. Very picturesque, almost everyone drinks Guinness, even the smallest towns have about six pubs.

    And I came back to find a brand new 900 page Neal Stephenson book waiting for me. = )

    More to come in the near future.
    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2008
    Oh that's awesome! I haven't been to England yet but have been to Ireland. It's a gorgeous country and the Guinness not only tastes better there but comes with the domestic price instead of the import!
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2008
    I've always wanted to take a trip to Ireland (and England... heck, the whole UK would suit me fine).

    I'm about 100 pages into Anathem. Excellent stuff so far, though it really just seems like he's doing a lot of worldbuilding and setup right now, though I'm seeing some stuff that may indicate something strange (apparently the Avout are studying some sort of object in their solar system... I'm assuming it's aliens of some kind, just based on what I've heard about the book)... I'm not sure yet how well all the strange terminology, etc... works, but I am enjoying some of the dynamics, and I do enjoy some of the veiled references (for instance, they make a reference to a star-trek-like show among several other pop culture references to other stuff that is slightly off, but obviously inspired by something here)...

    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2008
    I'm throwing together a sort of travelogue over on google documents, with some of the stuff we did and some pictures and stuff. and maybe more stuff. It's going slowly, though. In the meantime, my buddy put up some pictures here. They're mostly his pictures, though I did take some of my own. I'm only disowning taking most of these because he seems to love oddly angled shots, which only really work once in a great while, and there are quite a few of them here. At some point, I'll have my pictures together and posted somewhere too...and at some point, I'll have finished the whole writing about the trip thing.

    In other news, the half marathon went great, and I'm doing another one in a couple of weeks...and eyeing a full marathon in Providence this spring. Huh, firefox spell check insists that "eyeing" should be spelled "eying." I'm leaving it as it is.

    In other other news, I finished Anathem and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I'll keep my impressions to myself, lest I ruin anything or leak any spoilers.