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    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2008 edited
    Jeeze, this place is dead. My fault as much as anyone's I guess. How's everyone doing?

    I'm doing ok myself. Typical stuff going on lately. Couple of happy hours last week (I got drunk enough to dance during one of them), a birthday party for my niece on Sunday (I got her a book that teaches her to draw (which comes with a neato magnetic drawing board thingy), and another coloring book that also features OVER 700 STICKERS (if the label is to be believed)) and I was actually baby-sitting both nieces last night. Lots of fun. Except for bedtime. Last time I babysat, they tricked me into reading the entire 101 dalmations book to them before bed (I learned later that their mommy & daddy usually split up the telling of that story). This time, I wasn't standing for any such shenanigans, but they naturally didn't want to go to bed. Oh wells.

    Ah, so what else. Work is fine, I guess. This year is certainly not shaping up to be like last year (which is a good thing), but it's also a bad economy out there, which for a retail website is no fun. While we don't have any single overriding project this year (like we did last year), we do seem to have about a billion smaller projects, with more being added every week. I don't think I'm so great at managing all these requests for my team. I like to dig into the details of stuff, but in order to handle this volume, I kinda need to stay at a higher level. It stinks. And of course, new requests all the time make it exceedingly difficult to prioritize. Fleh. Enough abiout work. It's always busy:p

    As usual, watching lots of movies. Following along with Filmspotting's classic heist movie marathon, which is interesting. All the movies so far have been excellent. The Lavendar Hill Mob (which I had never heard of before) was a fun one, Rififfi featured a great heist sequence (no dialogue for like 25 minutes), and The Killing is your standard noir tragedy (except directed by Kubrick, so it's good). The original Italian Job was good (notable for actually taking place in Italy - unlike the remake, which is just silly) and next up is Le Circle Rouge, followed by The Getaway. As far as new movies go, The Dark Knight is brilliant, the X-Files sucks hard, though there is a certain nostalgia to it (that sort of effect is starting to wear off for these types of movies though - between Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and now the X-Files, I'm all nostalgiaed out). The next movie I'm looking forward to seems to be The Clone Wars movie. The cartoons were actually quite good, so I'm interested to see what they'll do in the movie...

    As for reading, I'm on to Childhood's End, which is interesting, though perhaps a little overrated so far (but then, I haven't finished yet, so who knows?) Up next is Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things (short story collection), John Scalzi's Zoe's Tale (another Old Man's War universe story), and of course, Neal Stephenson's Anathem. At which point, I might want to give the SF genre a bit of a break. Not sure what I'll be reading after taht though...

    And I think that's all for now. More typical stuff this weekend, nothing special. Anything else going on? Anyone?


    Bueller? Bueller?

    I thought not.

    (Or, if you respond, I thought so.)

    (Or something (Why am I putting parentheses around this stuff? (And how many nested parentheses is grammatically correct? (Or is it just rude to nest multiple parenthetical questions? (I originally wanted to keep nesting parentheses until it got really ridiculous, but I gave up. (Or did I? (Indeed, maybe I was too hasty in pronouncing that I gave up. (Because, you know, I'm going to keep on adding parenthetical statements. (Nothing can stop me! (Nothing.))))))))))

    • CommentAuthorSovawanea
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2008 edited
    Things have been a little exciting here. We had just started reading up on cats, bought a curio cabinet to hold cat breakable things, and we're filling out an adoption application in the last week...and last night a stray cat decided to make the bushes by our house it's temporary home. So, we may be in the process of being adopted by a cat if we can't find its owners. Which is pretty hard when they don't give it a tag. And it might not be altered yet, which makes it unlikely that it will be microchipped when we take it in. It's interesting way to get to meet the neighbors, if nothing else- "Hi, is this your cat?"

    So we went to the pet store today and got a pet carrier and some more food. Nick is convinced he can build a cat condo by himself cheaper than we can buy one already made- that could be an interesting project. And luckily, the pet store has a deal where if you buy one of everything on their checklist for a new kitten, you get 20 percent off the whole order. So, that's neat.

    Work is bleh. Way, way behind. I'm working 10 hours of OT next week. I really, really need it though. Because as mentioned above I am behind and as inferred above I need to buy lots of cat things in the relatively near future.

    I'm reading tons this summer. I might even get around to some Stephenson soon, if I get in the right mood.
    • CommentAuthorSamael
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2008
    I'm emotionally and mentally exhausted right now.

    Regarding nested parentheses- generally, you're not supposed to nest them. If you have to include a sub-parenthetical expression within a parenthetical expression, you should switch to brackets to indicate the sub-clause, like so:
    "blah blah blah (blahbity blah [blah blah blah]). "

    But most of the time, you'd be discouraged from doing even that. Nesting parenthetical expressions quickly gets confusing and convoluted. You'd usually be encouraged to do a rewrite to include the information in a way that doesn't require nesting. If you had to nest a third parenthetical expression within the second? I don't know the rule, but my guess is that it'd look like this:
    (blah [blah {blah}])
    (blah [blah (blah)])
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2008
    I'm good. I'll have to give a more detailed update later when I'm not holding a sleeping kitten. She's orphaned, and I've been bottle-feeding her since July 13th.

    Aside from that: sewing class, new bed (Sleep Number), looking for part-time work, still don't know what I want to do, probably going to buy a house early next year.

    Later peeps.
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2008
    I'm doing ok...been meaning to check in for a while, but things keep coming up.

    I saw Pearl Jam two days in a row last month...that was fun. The first night was in Hartford, at the Meadows/Dodge Center/whatever corporate name it has now...the venue blew...we missed part of the show because they couldn't get their act together and keep the will call line moving...I was pretty pissed. The second night went better...that was in Mansfield, MA, at the Great Woods/Tweeter Center/Comcast Center/whatever. Is going to see a show there really going to make me more likely to use their crappy services or products. I hate these McVenues...overzealous security, overpriced food and beer, horrible parking set up...I always end up going back, because I love live music, but it always bugs me too.

    Coming up next month, I'm running in a half marathon, which should be awesome, provided my body stays together for the rest of the training. If the half marathon goes ok, I'm going to try for a full marathon next year.

    Also next month, I'm going with my buddy and his wife to London and Ireland. I've never been out of the country before, and I've always wanted to see Ireland, so I'm really excited about the trip. I'm also excited because I haven't had a real "go somewhere" vacation since 2004, when I went to visit my brother in California, who has since moved back to this side of the country.

    Nested parentheses don't bother me at all...between math and programming classes, I've seen more sets of nested parentheses, square brackets, braces, you name it...I do like when an IDE colors the closing bracket in a set when you highlight the opening one...makes it easy to see where I forgot one, because I usually did.
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2008
    Oh yeah, movies...I'm planning on going to see Dark Knight and Hellboy 2 this weekend...everyone keeps raving about Dark Knight, and I loved the first Hellboy.

    I was pretty psyched about the new X-Files, but I've heard a lot of fairly negative reviews...might let that one ait for DVD.
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2008
    Good luck with the Cat and the cat condo Sov:) I love the notion that cats live in condos. I know it's probably just because of alliteration or something, but it's still funny. Because dogs have houses. Or something. Oh, and if you do end up reading Stephenson, let us know! foucault and I are suckers for his stuff...

    (Sam, I don't believe your nested parethetical rules. (i've never heard of using square brackets in regular grammar (though I have used them in all sorts of programming languages, etc...(oh, and I hope you're emotionally and mentally exhausted in a good way! (But if not, I hope things go better for you this weekend or something...)))))

    And Spence has a new cat too? Does he have a condo yet? And you're house hunting in this market? I actually wonder, is it a buyer's market? I've seen a lot of anecdotal evidence that housing prices are way, way down, so maybe it is...

    foucault, I apparently will be running a half marathon (or at least a 5k or something) next summer. My brother's wife's family apparently participates in this team race thing, and my brother won the whole thing, but because his team was slower, they didn't end up winning anything. So he wants someone else who can run faster than his 5 year old daughter (which I think I can handle. Maybe.) Have fun in London and Ireland! I would love to take a trip like that sometime.

    I'm actually really good about closing parentheses, brackets, and (this is probably why I'm good at other things) HTML tags. The secret is to write the opening and closing first, then fill the inside with contents. So if you want to quote something, type two quotes first ("") then fill in the quote ("Hello World!") Wow, that was pedantic. I'll stop now.

    Oh, and the X-Files is teh suck. Again, there's some nostalgic bits, but it's more of a wait for DVD than a see in theater type of movie. Darke Knight is great. Hellboy is good, but Dark Knight is the best movie of the summer (so far!)

    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2008
    The kitten I'm raising is one that my friend found. She actually found two kittens, both covered in ants, about to be killed by the owner of the mama cat. So my friend took them home, but she has a full-time job and couldn't feed them every 2 hours as needed. So I offered to take care of them. Unfortunately, the male kitten died the second day. I don't think he was born strong or healthy to begin with.

    The other kitten, a female black and white "tuxedo," is doing great. I'm not keeping her though. She'll go back to live with my friend when she's bigger.

    You can see pictures and a video of her at my livejournal.

    The Austin housing market has remained pretty stable. Prices are lower than they were a couple of years ago, but I don't think there have been many foreclosures or anything like that. From listings I've seen online, we should be able to find a home we like for what we can afford. There's one house in particular that looked perfect, but I would need to see it in person obviously.
    My husband's not ready to start the home-buying process because he's really busy at work, but probably in another two weeks we'll go to the bank to get pre-approved. Our credit is in excellent standing, and we have money saved up for a down payment and closing costs.

    I started typing this several hours ago and was sidetracked by kitten feedings.