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    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2008
    Hi everybody! How are things?

    This past weekend I dressed up as Elmo for my friends' son's first birthday. I always knew that people who dress up as the characters at amusement parks had sucky jobs, but after a half hour dressed in an Elmo costume, I can say that I have a new level of respect. It was hot! After only a half hour I was totally drenched in sweat. I could barely see because of all the sweat pouring over my eyes. Still, it was a TON of fun. Kids apparently love Elmo.

    Incidentally, a piece of advice if you ever find yourself in a costume: Don't talk. Just make all sorts of happy, excited gestures, and the kids will love you. One of my other friends was dressed up as Cookie Monster, and he tried talking... he just ended up scaring the kids. They still liked him though.

    Ahhhh. So, what else is going on.

    Oooh, one thing I forgot to mention about the Vegas trip. One of my friends played a fantastic practical joke on one of my other friends. So right before the wedding, he stops over to this guys room. While the guy is getting ready, the other guy takes an empty water bottle and fills it with vodka, then places the vodka-filled water bottle next to the bed. Later that night, my other friend wakes up thirsty, picks up the "water" bottle and takes a swig. Hilarity ensues.

    Wow, I did an awful job explaining that. Still funny though.

    Heh, it looks like VH1 finally caved and started doing the "I love the current decade" before it even ended (they actually held out longer than I thought). I can't wait until the cover the "I love the 80s" phenomenon. Self-referential squared. Or something.

    • CommentAuthorSamael
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2008
    I used to have to dress up in costumes when I worked at the bookstore, and rule number 1 was *always* "don't talk".
    Rule number 2 was "NEVER take the costume off in front of a kid".

    You don't talk because you probably sound nothing like the character, and even if you did, you wouldn't once you try talking through the helmet thing- your voice would be all muffled and hard to understand. So, no talking!

    Love the joke. Heh.
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2008
    I was a dinosaur one year for Halloween when I was younger. I wore this big too-damn-hot suit that was fuzzy. I don't know why it was fuzzy. Dinosaurs probably weren't fuzzy. Maybe. I guess.

    A friend of mine pulled a similar joke on me once. Actually it wasn't on purpose. Uh, I think. Anyway, I was at a party and had to much to drink and was creating vacancy in my stomach and he comes over with two red plastic cups, hands me one and says "here's some water" and as I eagerly rush to gulp it down he yells "no, wait!" but it's too late and I take a huge gulp of his white Russian... then vacate it from my stomach.

    Good times!